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    Matthew Vaj

    Personal Log, Lt. Matthew Vaj, TSN Raven, 2nd Fleet, 4th Light Div.
    Stardate 8717-2237

    “…. O, I have suffered
    With those that I saw suffer: a brave vessel,
    Who had, no doubt, some noble creature in her,
    Dash’d all to pieces. O, the cry did knock
    Against my very heart. Poor souls, they perish’d.
    Had I been any god of power, I would
    Have sunk the sea within the earth or ere
    It should the good ship so have swallow’d and
    The fraughting souls within her.”

    Yet Prospero says, “There’s no harm done.” How did he become so callous? I don’t think there’s a man in the division who doesn’t feel the loss of even one fellow crewman keenly. And with the Raven’s destruction, three lost their lives. Crewmen James Hawthorne and Rae Molnar and Chief Petty Officer Taeki Mai ignored orders to evacuate and tried to contain the power surges. They didn’t get to their escape pod quickly enough. I only hope the object that caused all of this is worth the loss of life.

    It all started awhile back when we picked up a Kralien transmission concerning a “Holy map” of some sort. Upon investigation and further translation of the message, we determined that this map led to the Space Whale reserve in Atlantis. A USF fleet met us there, and when we defeated them, we continued our search. I sure was glad that Adele wasn’t around. The search of Atlantis was futile, unfortunately, so we returned to Promethean Command. Upon our return, we were contacted by the Zolmari, who assisted us in our translation of the message. We set out towards Cronus to continue our search, and after trawling through most of the system, we finally found an unidentified alien object. Shuttle Proteus was dispatched to pick up the object and return it to the Raven. When it arrived, I took custody of the object and secured it on the Engineering deck, Shortly thereafter, all havoc broke loose. I was looking at the ship status window when all of a sudden, the sensor system completely failed. As far as we could tell, one of the sensor filters which prevent overloads from external sources failed when irradiated by the radiation emanating from the object. The failure caused a cascade failure through the power conduits, which in turn caused significant damage to the power core, which began to overload. The Fleet Captain called for evacuation, and we all moved to escape pods. I couldn’t even confirm that the object had been recovered before the ship exploded. Crewman Jetson, I later found, had the foresight to take the object and isolate it within a rad-suppression unit before entering his escape pod. I suppose he’ll probably take CPO Mai’s place.

    And so the Raven is gone. They say that things don’t matter, that it’s people who are really important. That’s true, of course. I feel the loss of my crewmen deeply. But the Raven’s been my home since….. (a pause) stardate 20517. That’s long enough to get attached, at least. I’ll miss her.


    // Very nice. Thank you. I only ever served short tours aboard Raven. I was never posted to her. But she has been a constant star in the division’s firmament since I joined the TSN. She will be missed.

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