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    Matthew Vaj

    Personal Log, Intendant Matthew Vaj
    ISN Invictus, 4th Hunter Group, 2nd Space Flotilla

    I wasn’t able to attend the trainsims or the first mission for this shift. I had been assigned a particularly distasteful task by higher-up INI officers, and Intendant Beaumont was the victim. That sounds terrible, like I was supposed to torture or kill him; that was not the case.

    The ISN has been developing a new type of technology designed to keep an eye on various officers, and the Heads of Intelligence on Promethean have been dying to test it. It works by syncing with an officer’s console. It records bridge communications and basically anything the officer is looking at. For the 4th Light, disguised as our 4th Hunter Group counterparts, this tech is pretty dangerous. I volunteered to do the testing in an attempt to delay it’s eventual use on – well, probably everyone. Doctoring the data to a) minimize any indications that we’re not who we say we are, and b) make it seem like it’s not ready yet is taking much longer than I’d hoped. If I were ISN, I’d be approving this for use immediately, but I’m not. I’m TSN. And that means this tech is very bad news. The entire division could be at risk if they get too suspicious. At the same time, if the division knew about this, other issues could arise. Fortunately, it’s currently designed to work locally. They can’t watch us from Promethean, I was on the ship while watching Beaumont. But I know they want long-range observing capabilities, and are quickly advancing towards that goal..

    But enough of that. The Invictus’ crew has been settling into the new ship. The old hull is going to be scrapped and recycled. Fortunately, there was an uncommissioned Samnite class in the shipyards waiting some final modifications before being commissioned. Since we needed a replacement, Command was generous enough to push the upgrades forward, and we got to use our brand-new Samnite Mk-IIIc ship for the first time! I was pleased to see that the maneuvering modifications I requested were incorporated into the upgrades. The Invictus-B’s maiden voyage was simple enough – a routine patrol, along with some maintenance on comms and sensor relays in the Krisenda system. One thing that seemed to really boosted morale following this mission was a TSN ship shadowing the group. The ship left a blackbox containing a secure protocol for communicating with them. Since the TSN appear, in general, to be more morally upright than the ISN, there is hope that we can do some good by cooperating with them. There’s discussion amongst the group of deserting the ISN and joining the TSN. There’s pros and cons to that…. Our most likely way back is by utilizing the considerable ISN resources.

    For the second mission, I was given command of Invictus while Kommandant Matsiyan assumed Command and Control duties. Our mission was to conduct a security sweep of various bases in Krisenda sector I. There were a number of TSN insurgents in the sector who we had been ordered to identity and eliminate. We took the term “eliminate” to impose a much more… impermanent state of being than I’m sure command wanted. Instead of opening airlocks with them inside, or other forms of execution, we offloaded them onto a TSN troop transport which met us at the edge of the sector.

    It’s a delicate balance that we’re striving for at the moment; our orders are often distasteful, and our TSN values prohibit us from following many of them. At the same time, the danger of being discovered as people from another universe is very high, and we can’t take too many risks. The ISN likely has, or is very close to, technology that could help us get home, which makes our continued “allegiance” to the Imperium important. But the division’s morale is low, we miss home, and repeatedly being given orders we can’t let ourselves follow is wearing us down. I see it in everyone’s eyes – the uncertainty, the fear, and most of all, the burning question: Will we ever find our way back?

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