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    Matthew Vaj

    Lieutenant Junior Matthew Vaj, Personal Log
    Stardate 18916-2237
    2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division, TSN Phoenix

    Sure was nice to be back at Promethean Command for a bit. Unfortunately, I was in sickbay for a good chunk of that time. The Tubisytujion de Fleet virus is something that hits you like a stack of bricks and leaves you groaning under its weight until the immune system finally kicks it. Pretty sure the name means something like “Bane of the fleet” in a hodgepodge of Hjorden and Terran. A few shifts ago we were short-handed, and Lt. Cmdr. van Leigh asked me to try manning both Engineering and Tactical. I don’t recall making a log entry for that shift, but it was quite the experience. I was literally running half the ship, and it was exhilarating. It was also exhausting and very stressful and I don’t advise anyone to ever put the two together except in extreme situations, and then only with a really good officer. The Lieutenant Commander must have had a lot of faith in me. Unfortunately, while the ship didn’t fall apart at the time, I think the stress from that duty shift is what allowed Tubisytujion de Fleet to put me in sickbay.

    This duty shift, we once again departed Promethean Command. Since I’d been sick, other officers had been messing around with my engines and using my office in the Engineering section, so I had a lot of fixing up to do on the trip out. On top of that, we kept getting into firefights and needing even more extensive repairs. I am saddened to report the loss of eight damage control team members this shift. That’s the worst part about being an engineer. Every time a DamCon team member dies, I know that I am, at least in part, responsible. On the upside-

    Yes, what’s wrong? Computer, pause recording.

    [Log paused]
    [Log resumed]

    Well, crap. *A pause*

    Voiddammit. It’s a good thing we’re sitting tight at the moment. Apparently the primary beams took more of a beating this shift than I’d thought. They’re working fine at the moment, but several of the power distributors are almost shot. If the beams take a few more hits, they’ll be fried. Half of the power couplings on the front shields are in bad shape, too, but we have some spares we picked up while back at Promethean. We weren’t in drydock long enough for all of our repairs to get done, and the beams power distribution system wasn’t checked over very well. I really need to find out who was in charge down here while I was in sickbay. A few of the maneuvering thrusters were damaged in one of our skirmishes as well. The DamCon teams managed to get them working, but Crewman Ball actually had to use chewing gum to seal a fracture in one of them. Where the hell is a spray-on weld can!? I used to have a whole case of them! The good news: propulsion systems are in really good shape, and the torpedo systems haven’t taken damage since being repaired at Promethean. I need to report to Commander van Leigh about our repairs situation. My teams can fix most of it, but we’ll be working overtime for the next few days.

    Oh, I was promoted to Lieutenant Junior before we left Promethean Command. Lieutenant Commander Zelriech has commended me for my service several times during debriefings, and apparently thinks I have qualities of an excellent officer. During a sim, we switched crews around and messed around with different ship types. Lt. Cmdr. Zelriech took command of a Lancer-class ship, and I found myself as XO for a short time. That sim didn’t last long enough to do much except check out the engineering systems on a Lancer-class. Nice beams, no torpedoes. I completely forgot at the time to drop power to torpedo systems to zero. Since I’m assigned to the Firechicken, I’ve rarely even set foot on the Lancer, so I’ll cut myself some slack for that this time.

    I need to get going, or I’ll be late for my meeting with the Captain. And after that, back to work. A higher rank doesn’t mean I have less to do.

    [End log]

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    //A higher rank means more things to do. 😛

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