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    False Trueman

    A loud crack is heard as Trueman puts a bowl on his desk.

    He crunches on some Shredded Wheat. //nutritious!

    “Well, at least the simulations weren’t crap. Especially the last one.”

    He taps on the table in front of him.

    “Today was different. New ship, new rules, and newfound colourful vocabulary.”

    He is heard sipping from a glass, presumably sparkling water.

    “That final simulation… it really showed me how bad the war had become. The enemy came in waves, even throwing their most heavily shielded command ships straight at us.
    We soloed them.”

    He sighs.

    “Considering the simulations are supposed to be an interpretation of real situations… I’m honestly wondering what is going through the Hegemony Leader’s heads. In a war they can’t win, one in which we vastly overpower them, surely they’ll want to call it off by now.
    Is it us that’s holding back? Are we the ones who don’t want the war to end, for all the jobs and opportunities – even the lifestyle – it has created?”

    He sips his water.

    “When it comes, it comes. And we should be ready.”

    //note i wasn’t there after simulations

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    Blaze Strife

    //The thing with the planet and command ships was a mission, not a simulation. I think. If you were there for that one. Or not

    //I ask myself the same questions about war in Artemis. With just 4 or 5 ships we’ve destroyed thousands.

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    //We obliterate them because they are unrealistically hobbled. Hegemony ships, as a spacefaring “race,” should have nukes and warp drive; I have trouble imagining how they could reach other stars without them. Give an enemy just one of those and the battles will be much more difficult; add in EMPs and Pshocks, not to mention comparable beam arcs and strengths, and even a small Karelian fleet could overwhelm us. Indeed, an Axe with just a tractor and heavy Gatlings nearly destroyed Viper several shifts ago. So, to make Hegemony battles even a little challenging, the only other choice is to mass them.

    //Personally, I’d like to see at least some battles planned around, say, nuke-enabled enemies also capable of 100% impulse speed. I expect we would not still have a kill rate in the massacre range.


    //We are able to increase the difficulty in the TSN mod by altering the enemy ship stats. I recently looked in to whether I could increase the hit points of a ship to make them more durable once their shields are down and making p-shocks of greater use. It wasn’t possible in the vesselData file however.

    //I also have in mibd a potential storyline that would result in increasing the difficulty of enemy ships and making future games much more challenging for us. It would change the feel of the game though, with kralien cruisers becoming significantly more difficult e.g. a small fleet of 3 cruisers being a match for a two TSN ships working together (until their shields were down anyway).

    //As for the numbers of ships we destroy, I was thinking on this and crew complements of a Kralien cruiser. I was working on the idea they only had a small number of kraliens onboard, with other alien insectiod creatures also being part of the crew. That way, it would be less of a massacre than it seems and more the technology and assets we are affecting.. I typed up these ideas in a document, but am still working on some ideas before I release them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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