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    Personal log
    Ensign Timonix, TSN
    Stardate 11217-2237

    Oh man, what a day!
    we had a civilian onboard. Mooga, who received military clearance working in the weapons industry, was acting as our science officer. Leonard Hall as captain, Cr00ve on coms, Roshin Das as tactical officer and me down in engineering trying to keep my stuff in the smallest shelf i have ever seen on the Hunter.

    We had a potential search and rescue mission to find a missing TSN ship. On the way, there was an oddly large amount of biomechs. Not only that but there was a weird signal which seemed to agitate them. I suspect it had to to with a lone Cartron ship. The ship was eventually found and we sent over our marines over. All fine and good but here is the thing…. It was a derelict. No crew, no blood, no signs of battle, but whatever happened they did not only manage to start the SOS beacon, but whoever attacked did not turn it off and just left the ship intact. The marines took control and we guided the ship back to base. The boys at tech command are going to have their hands full with the derelict to be sure.

    The admiral was visiting to hand out medals and awards, so many I can’t even remember who got them.

    But the highlight of the day!
    The Lancer and Hunter was assigned a recon mission into hegemony controlled territory. A stealth mission, very low profile, big sensor boosts and excessive power reduction. My work was exceptional considering what i had to work with. The Hunter is NOT made for concealed operations, even going so far as to configure the warp field to conceal the radiation output of the reactor. It seems the extra night classes in warp tech finally paid off.

    After a massive fleet was found we made a mad dash to the next sector just to find a massive armored base in the next. A jump event was detected while scanning. I set my personal computer analyzing the event details and it’s worrying… The jump point was heavily unstable but was not only operational but operating at increased capacity. The Krailien and Hedgemony could be working on new jump point system. An artificial rift was in the next sector. I am not sure if it has something to do with the jump event but I passed my findings onto the command center research team but i can’t help to be curious.

    Last of all, snaking through nebulae in visual distance of both a base and a fleet undetected, Mooga guiding us through at high precision with Beaumont on helm. A highly impressive act of navigation.

    The shift ended with a chill simulation without our civilian and Cr00ve taking over on science.
    A simulated defense of the current station. Command and control might be worried of an potential attack from the discovered base. But overall an easy task.


    Blaze Strife

    //Glad to read what you did on that covert mission.


    //An easy task, huh?

    I’ll have to remember that next time!

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