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    Felicity Song

    Personal Log, Cdt. Felicity Song, TSN 2nd Flt., 4th Lt. Div.
    Stardate: 2618-2237

    We had plans. They didn’t go quite the way we intended. Let’s face it, they mostly didn’t go the way we intended. The saying about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory comes to mind.

    I don’t really feel like talking about the sims we did while we we were waiting for all the rescue preparations to be completed. Even the news story about James Young’s rescue only just got my attention. I’m sure it was supposed to be a good omen, or something, but really, I just wanted it all to be over, and for the mission briefing to start.

    To recap: last mission we captured the Azure Legion Retarius Nemesis, where our Marines were being held, on the way to Fenring. The idea was to use her to reach Fenring, pretending to be her expected crew, and then board the station and rescue Lt.Cmdr. Mundy and Prefect Moritani. Well, it seems the local TSN leader, Lt.Cmdr. Harold Mundy, insisted on leading the operation. I was curious about him, and went looking in SubKommandant Mundy’s records to find out who he is, but he doesn’t appear in the parts that are accessible to someone with Midshipman Song’s security clearance. Not surprising, really.

    And so, naturally, the Fleet Captain decided he would be on board. I’m sure all the Senior Officers attempted to argue, but clearly he didn’t listen to reason, because he went. That makes no sense. Tactically, strategically, commonsensically… who puts the general in the decoy? But then again, who is going to order him not to go? That put Cmdr. Aramond in charge of the Division, on Relentless, with Invictus commanded by Lt.Sr. Quinn, and Excision by Capt. Jemel. I was posted on Invictus. Our three ships would pose as Nemesis’ escort, gambling on the chance that Fenring wouldn’t be expecting any specific ships to act as escort.

    But before we could get close, we would have to disable a link to central command systems, which would then allow a number of viruses, placed by TSN agents and currently inactive, to take effect, and disrupt comms on Fenring itself and between the station and the surrounding fleets. At that point, the TSN ships would start attacks elsewhere to draw away defending ships, and we would attempt to break through the Weapons Platforms to allow our ships to break out.

    The early part seemed almost too easy. The comms relay was out there in plain sight, and we destroyed it. We boosted sensors, and watched the ISN fleets, who seemed unperturbed. We watched Nemesis enter the Fenring defensive perimeter and dock at the station. And we waited. And we waited.

    Then came the order to close in, and we went, with Relentless leading the way to the rimwards Weapons Platforms, Invictus following. We got one platform pretty quickly, needed to take down a second one to open up a gap in their weapon arcs wide enough to allow Nemesis to escape safely. At that point, our warp drive cut out. The engineering crew scrambled to patch it, while we were under fire. It came back online so suddenly that we went straight for the mine field… I was sure that was it. I’m not entirely certain how I’m still here to record this log. Helm told me we went through the mine field faster than the explosions. Even so, we suffered a lot of damage, and were racing to patch whatever could be patched before it gave way.

    We had no warp again, no impulse drive, no shields, no beams, and no power to the torpedo tubes. You could say we were just a floating structure with some life support, for a while. We watched (well, I watched on my Science screen, as soon as sensors were back online) Relentless and Excision escorting Nemesis rimwards, while we wondered if we’d get some warp capability back in time to join them.

    But Nemesis had suffered damage too, and could not fly at full speed, so we were able to catch up with the Division before they transitioned to the next rimward sector. And I’m sure the TSN hacking Fenring command systems helped, as well. It probably kept the ISN ships confused about what was going on just long enough for us to leave.

    We came within reach of our next target, Research Station RS-21. We sent our Marines to board it, and then we made the most of its resources to refuel, resupply, and complete as much repair work as possible in our limited time.

    The plan had been to abandon Nemesis at that point, transfer all crew and equipment aboard our ships, leave her behind, rigged to explode, and make a run for Cerberus Gate, doing as much damage as possible on the way to slow down pursuit. However, there were too many seriously injured people aboard Nemesis, and our own MedBay was full of wounded crew. I can only suppose that the other two ships were in a similar situation, because the decision was taken to continue escorting Nemesis all the way to the Gate. The chaos-causing part of the mission gave way to the let’s just get to the bloody Gate alive part of the mission.

    Three sectors to go, spinwards. Easy, right? Except that they were full of ISN ships, who gave chase. Engagement after engagement. The details are a blur. I think I’ll have nightmares about Nightmares for a while.

    We were in Sector 2, pursued by large fleets, when Relentless went down. I called out the position of the life pods, and we raced to pick them up, but we were surrounded. Our warp engines, which had been only just holding together after the hasty repairs, broke down. We lost impulse. Helm had no control. We sounded Red Alert and scrambled for life pods.

    I am not at all sure how I’m still alive, let alone in Cerberus System. Wait, I said that already, didn’t I? Well, it bears repeating. I think the original plan had been for the TSN to lock down the Gate behind us with the codes from Nemesis, but I don’t know if that’s what actually happened. We’re in the Hjorden System now – again, the plan was that the TSN would escort us there, but I was in MedBay, and I have no recollection of it happening.

    I’ve just seen the list of dead and wounded posted. Hell of a price to pay for rescuing two people. I hope it’s worth it.

    [end log]

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