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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, OInt. Nathan Quinn, ISN Oblivion, 2nd Space Flotilla, 4th Hunter Group
    Stardate: 28418-2237

    I apologise for the intrusion, Sir. Lt.Cmdr. Mundy gave me the encryption code to your personal log. You’d better change it after this, by the way. She made me promise to only use it in an emergency. This is an emergency. And this message will be scrubbed after you read it.

    I said, quite openly, on the bridge on Invictus, that I wouldn’t take part in any action like the one we were ordered to carry out. By the time you read this, I shall have left the base, and be on my way… elsewhere. You may deduce where, but if they question you, you can say quite truthfully that you don’t know.

    I realise this is a serious breach of discipline, Sir, but at this point, it’s all I can do. If I find… well, if I find them, I’ll do what an officer of the TSN ought to do.

    Cdt. H. Hamilton.

    [log is erased upon reading]

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