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    Personal Log: Lt Quinn of the TSN Raven (CB-014), 2F 4LD
    StarDate: 8417-2237

    Although I haven’t been keeping up with this log as dutifully as I should, I know that future me would regret not having a record of the incredible third annual Armada Summit for Innovative Tactics and Strategy. Our division was only able to spare six officers to fly back to Earth for the summit (Captain Verok, Lieutenant Graybeard, Lieutenant Jr. Parra, Lieutenant Jr. Vaj, Ensign K, and myself), but I hope one of these years our division might be on rotation closer to home, so more officers can experience it, as it is an incredibly valuable experience.

    As per usual, the summit’s intent is to take a diverse range of officers from across the TSN and from privateer vessels and encourage them to share strategies and tactics against our common enemies. To this end, we were forced into a roulette wheel of harrowing scenarios, pushed to serve with unfamiliar crews, and asked to coordinate with other ships whom we had met only a day before. Also shared, of course, is camaraderie, fond memories, and more than a bit of engine-room-alcohol.

    This year’s summit focused on studying the tactics of pirates, with several simulated missions devoted to combatting their unique tactics, as well as two which were intended to place us in the positions of pirates ourselves, in order to better understand their thinking. These simulated missions were incredibly difficult, designed to test the crews to their limits. Of course, every crew (ours included) took this as an opportunity to gain renown and bragging rights. We rarely get the opportunity to prove the mettle of the 2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division to others, and I think we more than met the challenge.

    In the simulations, our crew was using the name TSN Dauntless (somewhat confusing considering Captain Verok and I used to fly on the real-life Dauntless) and received high praise for discipline and for quick learning. Other crews included the TSN Gungnir, who posted an impressive high score when flying as simulated pirates and were a treat to work with in the fleet action mission, the TSN Hyperion, TSN Nomad, Privateer Fulminata, Privateer Billy Mays (I think named for some historical figure?), as well as many others whom I am forgetting. It was a whirlwind of new friends and old comrades that was truly special.

    Back in reality, however, I am reminded that last year’s summit focused on the Ximni and their technology, and considering the events I’ve heard took place while we were gone, that makes me worried that by this time next year we’ll be encountering a concerning uptick in pirate activity. I know it doesn’t pay to be superstitious, but it never hurts to be prepared.

    Lieutenant Quinn
    Helms Officer
    TSN Raven (CB-014)
    2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division

    //Lots of cool stuff this year! The scripted missions were really incredible, and the new release supports video files to be played on the main screen! There’s also support for multiple fighter/shuttle types on one ship, as well as the abilty to name each one. My favorite was how they had rigged up “Artemis Roulette” which gave everyone random parameters for a simulation, and paired it with “Musical Bridges” where they called out for stations to switch to a different ship mid-simulation. That was a whole lot of fun, and was pretty scary when you’re mid-battle and your weapons officer has to run to a new ship, for instance. I hope more TSN officers can make it next year!

    Adam Parra

    For me, Armada is the most fun I have ever had playing Artemis. You might think it is weird to meet up with a bunch of people that you met online, but it’s great to finally see in real life the people you have played with so long. At one point Verok, Vaj, Quinn and I were at a table talking about the division. We talked about the missions we played. The people we played with. The direction it is going and past Armadas. It was like meeting up with old friends. Also Verok has a super sweet bridge. That alone is worth the trip! Others bring their own bridges. The Hyperion brought a warp core. It is 7 feet tall! It lights up and the lights move when they go through the different warp speeds. The conicals and rp mission are a lot of fun. Mike Substantly and now Paul work to make fun scripted missions just for Armada. I would love to see more members of the 4th Light Division at Armada next year! Maybe get some from the UK and Europe. I would love to see 2 fully manned crews all in uniform. We would look so sharp walking into the Ballroom!
    Hope to see more of you next year in Cleveland.

    Matthew Vaj

    // Ditto to all of the above 🙂

    // I think part of the fun, and why everyone gets along so well, is that everyone is a sci-fi nerd and we can bond over sharing perspectives of various aspects of Artemis, Star Trek, BSG, etc. Adam mentioned the four of us talking at dinner. We sat there talking for several HOURS! It was such a blast getting to meet them in person and get to know them as well as I did, not to mention getting to know members of a few other crews, especially the Gungnir.

    Adam Parra

    Oh ya man! Those guys from the Gungnir/Snackbar are a riot! They bring booze to the con. You have to love anyone who brings booze. You can drink in the Ballroom too.

    FYI, I posted a bunch of pics and vids on the Eastern Front fb page.

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