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    Personal Log: Lt. Jr. Quinn of the TSN Hydra (CM-008), 2F 4LD
    StarDate: 30116-2237

    A very busy shift today, and, as may be obvious, a helm officer who is busy flying is not busy keeping notes. I anticipate this log may be a bit short on details, though exciting all the same.

    Before the shift, the Officer’s Galley was in high spirits, as everyone was excited to be back on Promethean Command, enjoying hot meals instead of MREs. The first order of business in the pre-shift briefing was the release of an updated duty roster, which showed Ens. Cessna joining the Hydra as a science officer, which seemed odd, since Lt. Cdr. Del Pino was already assigned to that station. We quickly learned the reason why when Lt. Jr. Finley served an arrest warrant for the Lt. Cdr. under charges of high treason, sabotage, and transfer of classified materials to unauthorized individuals.

    Everyone was stunned, naturally, and I could see the freshly-boosted morale drop once again as the color drained from everyone’s faces. My mind started racing back to the life pod incident, remembering that Del Pino was in command when the deadly plasma was vented and killed those USF prisoners. On the one hand, my respect for Del Pino makes me hope that he is innocent, and that he will return to duty cleared of all charges. He is a great officer and losing him would be a blow to the division.

    On the other hand, it would be an immense relief to know that the mole we’ve suspected was in our ranks was finally caught.

    Ever since the incident, I’ve been looking over my shoulder and wondering if the saboteur was still aboard the Hydra, wondering how they might strike next. When it came out that a bridge officer was responsible, I couldn’t help but be wary of both Del Pino and Matsiyan’s permanent assignments to the Hydra, as they were both on the bridge when it happened. I didn’t fully realize until Del Pino’s arrest relieved me of it, but constantly worrying about the loyalty of the officers next to me was unimaginably stressful.

    In retrospect, it seems crazy that I ever suspected Matsiyan. For Earth’s sake, I nominated the man for a damn medal on the same day of the incident, how could I possibly think ill of him after thinking so highly of him? I don’t know if he ever noticed my suspicion, but I think I owe him an apology all the same.

    Anyway, Cdr. Verok is still away on division business (he’s in for some grim news), and with Del Pino in the brig, it fell to Matsiyan to command the Hydra on our first simulation. Although he is senior to Matsian, Lt. Greybeard joined us as our engineer and declined command. Despite a glitch in the ship-to-ship communications stemming from Matsiyan’s lack of security clearances, the simulation ran extremely smoothly. I’m relieved to say I no longer find myself second-guessing Matsiyan’s loyalty; the last thing a captain needs is his helm officer disobeying orders.

    Due to short-staffing, the Hydra crew was split among the rest of the fleet for the next simulation. I was shuttled to several different ships and in the shuffle I was briefly aboard the Phoenix, where I was pleased to see Cdr. Expree back in command. I told him I was glad to see him in good health, and he remarked that the strange thing was that he never felt in poor health. The thought of not even knowing you were the victim of mind-control sent shivers down my spine.

    Eventually I found myself reporting to Cdr. Jemel aboard the Lancer, filling in as his comms officer. The simulation went well, and I could tell that they are an extremely cohesive crew. They were anticipating each others’ needs as if they were telepathic, but it was really due to hard work and long hours at each others’ side.

    After the simulation, an alert was sounded that we had to respond to a distress call. Lt. Hall was called to his station in the CIC and I took over for him at the helm station. This is when the shift started to become a blur. The speed of the Lancer’s engines and the aggressive way the Flt. Cpt. uses as a fast response to threats meant little time for anything else as a helm officer.

    I don’t recall much, but I know we encountered heavy USF resistance and Cdr. Jemel taught me a new trick in attacking an enemy with beams. If a helm officer can get significantly above or below his target on the Z axis, then the weapons officer (in this case the highly effective Lt. Jr. Morlock) can target whichever shield front is weakest, whether it’s from the front or the back. A useful tactic for gunships, but not exactly something I can utilize back on the Hydra.

    At some point we were able to regroup at Promethean Command where we quickly received a flurry of news. First, the good news was that the Hawk was out of drydock and waiting for her crew at Atlantis Command. I’m sure they are eager to leave behind the aging Valiant. Next, we were grimly informed that the Unukalhai Space Forces officially declared war, an outcome that seemed inevitable, given the increasing frequency of their raids. We were to make way for the Atlantis system and engage the USF from there, based out of Atlantis Command.

    Shoving my uniforms and my few personal effects into my duffle didn’t take long and I was back on the Lancer and in combat in no time. Just as I was getting the hang of the Lancer’s touchy controls, though, we arrived at Atlantis Command. Thankfully the Hydra had been transferred to Atlantis Command ahead of us by a skeleton crew and was waiting for us when we arrived. We had a brief opportunity to settle in and find our berths on station, but were immediately put into a simulation, to keep us sharp for enemy incursions, I suppose.

    Matsiyan was in command again, this time with his comms sorted out. Cessna was on science, and we had Cdt. Max Power join us on weapons. Once again the ship ran smoothly, and I think Matsiyan is really coming into his own command style, even from the engineering console. Perhaps he’s due another medal soon…

    Our simulation didn’t take long, but most of our crew had clerical matters to attend to regarding their new berths on Atlantis Command, so we were split up again. I was sent back to the Lancer, but this time I was their engineering officer. I don’t know how their regular engineer, Lt. Jr. Finley manages to keep up with their breakneck pace. With all the damage they are in the habit of taking to their prow hull and forward systems, I was barely managing to keep them in the fight. I suppose I should stick to flying ships.

    I’m in my new bunk on Atlantis Command now. I haven’t had any time to unpack my effects, but laying down made me realize how tired I am. I think my duffle will have to wait.

    Lieutenant, Junior Grade Quinn
    Helms Officer
    TSN Hydra (CM-008)
    2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division


    Look, I swear I’m not paying him to write this stuff. Though, if he’s in the market for some good espresso, I could be persuaded to cut a deal.

    A possible mitigation for all that damage that Lancer takes is to split coolant between beams and forward shields. This nearly doubles both and her beams are so powerful, it often does the trick. I tried using that instead of a preset for ordnance loading and it did seem to result in significantly less damage.


    Don’t worry, Matsyian, we get it. You want more power. Say it with me now. One of these days I’ll be promoted.

    John van Leigh

    Now wait a minute. You framed me to get my post? Damn, that’s impressive. If you had told me beforehand I could have taken some shore leave in order to throw a full commander under the bus and get a promotion myself over the deal.

    But seriously, try not to think of Cessna as my replacement! He requested the post, and we had a free spot, so we took him in as ASCO. Despite some ominous secret talk I didn’t know about the arrest before you did. I plan to get out of this brig soon (can someone fetch me my acrylic paints? this is seriously boring). I heard some good things about the Ensign, and I wanted to see for myself how he does.

    On the other hand, I think I left poor lieutenant Roshin Das psychologically scarred because of my habit of grabbing the console for myself.


    It’s the coffee, you know you can trust a coffee lover.

    //that said, if it turns out Matsiyan framed Del Pino than I’m not sure Quinn will ever trust again… I’m sure @Mundy would have alerted us though, unless she’s complicit too!


    What? You think a hotshot engineering officer could rig plasma to vent into life pods and hack the logs to make it look like the captain did it? Ridiculous! If so, I would have hacked the comms net to get communications privileges!

    And please remember, should you ever be permitted on another TSN bridge, the captain is allowed a map all of his very own that shows ALMOST all of what the Sci station shows. Please take care of the mental health of your command.

    John van Leigh

    //Honestly? I doubt it. I know for a fact that someone did try to frame me because of that “i love you” malware thing, but it being him is too far fetched.

    At this point, I’d start a Conspiracy Theories thread (Is Xavier a traitor that put us in a position to have the USF declare war? Is ONI infiltrated and sending us against the USF to wear us down? Is whoever wrote that my nickname is El Chapo in that warrant an infiltrator that wanted to ruin what’s left of my credibility?), but the angry looks I would get would be too much.

    And poor Das’ mental issues originated when Jemel was in charge and I was just as head of Lancer’s scicomms department. I do have some consideration in command

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    //Heh heh, El Chapo…

    Adele Mundy

    Hmm, conspiracy theories and paranoia are spreading. I’d better check what people have been writing about me in their private logs…

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