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    Personal Log: Lt Jr Quinn of the TSN Dauntless (CV-310), 2F 4LD
    StarDate: 14416-2237

    It was truly an honor to be allowed to represent the division at the second annual Armada Summit for Innovative Tactics and Strategy, but while I was away I slightly missed being in the thick of it with my comrades. Coming back to hear the stories of destruction and barratry made me rethink that immediately, of course. Sounds like the division had a trying time while we were away.

    Cdr Verok led our detachment in the Dauntless to the Summit, with Lt Cdr Zelreich, Lt Jr Wade, Lt Jr Parra, Ens Slate, Ens Tygera, and myself. It was a truly enlightening experience being able to meet crews from around the TSN, as well as a handful of privateers who had been invited by the Admiralty to share their out-of-the-box thinking. Even the infamous “Pirate Lord” of the Eastern Front privateer division was in attendance, though after meeting him I suspect his title is merely self-appointed.

    The summit’s goal is to share strategies and tactics between divisions and to give the Admiralty a testbed for some of their more unlikely scenarios. For instance, in the spirit of USFP cooperation, the Ximni High Command sent a representative envoy to participate in exercises with us. This consisted of working together with the Ximni, working aboard (simulated) Ximni ships, and even a handful of simulated actions against Ximni ships. Those were presented in the spirit of friendly rivalry, but given the rocky history the Ximni have with the USFP, my guess is that both sides were eager to test the other’s defenses in case the worst ever happened.

    Our crew aboard the Dauntless ran many simulations, mixing up scenarios, crew assignments, and even inviting guest officers aboard as often as possible. One such simulation was the opportunity to fly a simulated Ximni vessel, which was a real treat. It took some getting used to, but we eventually got the hang of the Ximni jump drive and we were very impressed by their capabilities. They even have the capability to immediately execute a short emergency jump along the ship’s axis, which not even the TSN has developed. This feature alone could revolutionize the tactical viability of jump ships.

    Admiral Robertson led inspections of the various crews and was apparently very impressed with our envoy from the 4th Light Division. Cdr Verok was even presented with an award for superior starship operations on behalf of the Dauntless, which is a great honor. The crew was riding high on that elation the whole trip back to Promethean Command but as soon as we arrived on station there was a sullen silence from every officer we passed. I don’t know all the details, but from what I’ve heard so far it was a grim duty shift and morale is at an all-time low.

    Lieutenant, Junior Grade Quinn
    Helms Officer
    TSN Dauntless (CV-310)
    2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division


    // Kudos to Dauntless!

    Thanks for the update Quinn!

    Adele Mundy

    //That sounds like a lot of fun!

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