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    Log: Intendant Nhaima, Chief Navigational Officer, ISN Relentless
    Stardate: 3218-2237

    I haven’t managed to log into my personal files yet, and I should fix that…. Perhaps I should risk a password reset and just go through the authentication requirements. That might be able to manage it.

    For the shift though, Relentless was in fine form. Subintendant Draeco had been called away, reasons unknown, and we received Overintendant Greybeard in his stead, and while Subkommandant Hall was away, we also had Intendant Donovan placed at our disposal. A few sims were spun up for our benefit and right as we were gearing up to deploy Yooey finally emerged from his rack. Hopefully he won’t get marked down for tardiness, but I trust his ingenuity to fabricate some official reason for his absence…. actually, I should check the duty roster for the evening watch. It’s possible that he was just scheduled for a bit of extended rack time… yes, I’m sure that’s what it is.

    A commodore came aboard for an inspection and mission briefing. Apparently someone failed to hold Volantis command under a Kralien advance. I don’t envy them at all, whoever they were, but in their absence the Fourth Hunter Group was tasked with the recapture of the sector. The first sector involved a picket fleet of Kraliens and Torgoth, and I don’t really remember having a lot of problem with them either. In Volantis Command proper, one of the stations was destroyed after capture but the other was retained along with the Command. There were quite a few defensive fleets, consisting of a range of Hegemony forces supplemented with Skaraan mercenaries. The Kraliens had even set up multiple defensive platforms stocked each with their own personal CAP fighters. Relentless was involved with capturing a station and maintaining pressure on enemy forces while Invictus and Oblivion pressed the advantage. At one point, we received word that Invictus had been critically damaged. The after action report I’ve pulled indicates they strayed too close to the original defensive perimeter, and attributed it to damaged maneuvering thrusters.

    What I do think requires note, above and beyond the Relentless’ normal performance standard, was the actions of Intendant Donovan. Across the span of the mission, he manned four different stations – partaking in shuttle sorties, his normal excellence from the Sensors and Electronic Warfare, and taking over for the Overintendant when Greybeard’s systems started shorting out and Subaltern Yooey’s weapons lock began jittering. Throughout the entire mission, he was willing and able to take on the station most required of him and did so with little more than an audible grin, and it’s a pleasure any time he’s a part of my crew. A review of Yooey’s gun camera footage would be required to properly account for all Donovan did for Relentless, but it suffices to say that not once did I feel compelled to route additional controls to my console, nor did I feel that the Kommandant’s attention needed to be pulled away from strategic concerns. For that proficiency, flexibility, and performance, I will always hope to be grateful and never come to simply assume it if him or others.

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