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    Neimad K

    Personal log, Commander Neimad Korczynski
    Temporary duty assignment – 2nd Space Fleet, 4th Light Division

    “Shuttle Attis, you are cleared for docking. Welcome to Promethean Command.”

    Returning the confirmation signal, the Martian officer slung his port and exited the shuttle.
    It had been a long trip from Naval Headquarters, and while the service dress uniform was de regieur for that location, it stood out among the utilities worn by the service personnel making their way along the grey metal corridors.

    There had been more than a few changes since his last tour with the Division, and it took two wrong turns before he stopped one of the bustling crew to ask directions.

    A helpful ensign provided the necessary advice, and it was with a sense of satisfaction he arrived at the Personnel Department.
    The harried face of an unfamiliar lieutenant looked up from his terminal.

    “Can I help you, sir?” The junior officer devoted a moment attention before continuing to work through the myriad of files on the display screen.

    “Commander Korczynski, Judge Advocate General’s Office. Here are my temporary duty orders.”

    Barely sparing a glance at the proffered media the lieutenant authenticated the orders, and shook his head.

    “You’re just in time, sir. Although there’s been a change in the orders. Word is the Division is being deployed to the Ashia System, so the JAG matter has been delayed. All available senior officers with active duty experience are required to be available for shipboard assignments.”

    The lieutenant stopped reading the screen to get a better look at the officer’s uniform, taking in the rank and decorations and offered a knowing grin. “Looks like you fit the bill, Commander.”

    ‘Must have made his day’, Korczynksi thought as he gave a tight smile in return. “Thanks for the warning, lieutenant. Where can I find the Division Commander?”

    “Fleet Captain’s meeting with ONI sir. We’ll get you squared away first.” The personnel lieutenant waved to a cadet at a nearby station. “Hammer, get the commander’s kit bag and show him to his quarters.” The lieutenant took his own station again, but not before offering a salute.

    “Welcome back to the Division, sir.”

    End log

    Matthew Vaj

    // 3rd person logs are a bit unorthodox, but a great re-intro nonetheless!


    // Wow. Maybe I should come back, too.


    // Very nicely written. Hope you will do more. Welcome to the unpredictable and exciting life of an active, elite, rapid deployment force.

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