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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt.Sr. Mundy, TSN Lancer, 2nd Flt. 4th Lt. Div., 81016-2237

    We’re gradually putting the station back together (there were jokes in the mess hall about the amount of duct tape we’re using), but it’s eating up what would normally be time off duty, so this log is going to be more like notes to myself to help me keep track.

    Promotions first: Donovan was promoted to Acting Ensign, Braddock to Lt.Jr. There was cheering, but the semi-obligatory celebration in the bar will have to wait until we have a working bar.

    Phoenix and Lancer had been sent to fix the damaged comms relays last mission, and during that operation we lost contact with Ens. Riley. So this mission involved recovering Ens. Riley from that comms platform not far from the Danae Gate. It sounded like an easy, park ourselves by the relay, send in a signal, send the recovery team and back home in time for tea sort of thing. Unfortunately, the comms relay was not cooperating. We hovered nearby while I transmitted our codes and received an increasingly annoying report that shields were at optimum and there was nothing to report. I think the computer banks on board the comms relay are in serious need to a thorough reprogramming. Dammit, large axes may have to be involved.

    Meanwhile, pirates and Kralien fleets kept interrupting our work, which meant that we had to go off and scout them while Viper and Phoenix took turns babysitting the relay. We recovered Riley at last, so we could devote our full attention to scouting, scanning, and not getting destroyed. I particularly enjoyed one engagement with a large fleet where I taunted the captains (I knew those extra classes in Kralien would come in useful!) Morlock backed away from the ships until they were strung out in a nice neat line, and Xiph whittled them down one by one until I was able to obtain their surrender. Four surrenders out of six ships is not bad. (Yes, Computer, that’s my smug voice. My, you are beginning to learn at last!) And Matsiyan provided the wherewithal – as Morlock pointed out, “When you get 300% power to beams before you even ask, it makes your job look easy” – while Aposine was in command.

    Yes, Computer, Capt. Jemel is still wrangling systems on station, for which you should be truly grateful, or you wouldn’t be working. Oh, I forgot, they haven’t invented gratitude circuits yet.

    The rest is pretty routine: sims to familiarise ourselves with secondaries. Matsiyan took Helm, I took Weapons, Xiph took Science and Comms, Morlock took Engineering. It’s a little daunting when you know there’s an expert fellow-officer on the bridge who can see your attempts at managing their primary console… but we were all, dare I say, in the same boat, and unlike the sims last shift, we kept Lancer in one piece. So that would be another excuse for a celebration in the bar.

    If we only had a bar…

    Matthew Vaj

    // I’ve been considering volunteering as barkeep. 😉 And congratulations @captbraddock ! Sorry I missed your promotion, but I’ll actually be able to join this week!


    //Look forward to seeing you – assuming the station lights stay on.

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