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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt. Sr. Adele Mundy, TSN Sabre, 2nd Fleet, 4th Lt. Div.

    Stardate: 71017-2237

    Mostly alter-day duty this last shift, which meant I was on a quiet bridge, running our version of the night shift, sitting watching over the autopilot systems while we travelled to Volantis. This was good, because the headaches are back… remember when I was asking myself about the second Kralien strike force, Computer? Well, they hit RS-261, and succeeded in carrying off the damned Cosmic Icosahedron. And the minute we came through the gate into Sierra, I knew all about it, and then I didn’t know anything at all.

    So, here is the formal ONI report, just as a note to myself of what I missed while in MedBay:

    This cycle began with a mission to recover the Cosmic Icosahedron (CI) from the Kralien and Skaraan forces which stole it from RS-261. The 4LD travelled on autopilot to Volantis Command. From there, the division moved on to the Sierra Gate. A group of pirates were identified and quickly dispatched before the division activated the gate. Once in the Sierra system, several groups of Kralien and Hegemony ships were eliminated in sector VIII before the division moved to sector V, where it intercepted the fleets ferrying the Cosmic Icosahedron back to Kralien space. TSN Sabre successfully activated its tractor beam and pulled the CI back towards sector VIII. The other ships in the division distracted the enemy fleets in the sector while Sabre recovered the CI. When Sabre reached the sector border, TSN Horizon and TSN Lancer rendezvoused with Sabre and the division transferred back into sector VIII. Upon traversing through the gate, a couple of Hegemony fleets were detected around the gate. It appears that Hegemony forces had detected the presence of the 4LD and sent ships to cut off our escape. The division was able to defeat the Hegemony fleets. En route back to Volantis Command, another group of pirates were encountered. They were destroyed so that word of the TSN’s possession of the CI would not return to pirate or USF intelligence. Upon reaching Volantis Command, the CI was handed over to an escort convoy, which tractored the CI back to RS-261.

    We were tractoring the Cosmic Icosahedron: not surprisingly, my brain was not at all happy with this arrangement, and tried to remove itself from the situation. I’m told I stayed in the Volantis Command medical facilities while the Division went on to protect civilian shipping. I’ve rejoined them since then, with a supply of shiny new meds in case of Artefacts.

    So, we’ll see what they can do when confronted with the next sentient machine – present company excepted, of course.

    [end log]

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