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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt.Jr. Adele Mundy, TSN Hawk, 2nd Flt. 4LD

    Perhaps the computer is trying to get back at me after last duty shift. Considering I’m supposed to be a Comms specialist, I didn’t do too well… Protocols in a mess, wires in a worse mess, it’s a good thing I could hear orders even though my responses couldn’t be heard. It’s a better thing that I finally wrangled the systems into some semblance of order by the end of the first training exercise.

    Unusually, during the exercises I was assigned to Weapons – which meant that I could actually carry out my duties just by listening. Had I been on SciComms, Hawk would have been deaf, dumb and blind (not really, Command and XO usually keep a copy of the Science and Comms consoles open, just in case; but I have an image of an antique game in my head now, and a voice singing “he flies by sense of smell”…) Which reminds me, it is strange to be firing beams at ships and having to ask for the frequency.

    The mission paired Hawk with Phoenix, and sent us to Atlantis sector to carry out spot checks on factories and civilian stations, to ensure that security protocols, evacuation protocols, emergency systems and so on were all up to the required standards – it’s clear that we are preparing for the hostilities to come.

    The mission was straightforward: we went from station to station, dropped off crew to inspect them, and relayed their reports back to Command. And, being back on SciComms with functioning systems, I was kept busy, even though we were dealing with relatively routine matters. We had to deal with a few pirates, some Torgoths who were harassing space whales (as is their wont) and some USF scouts (I did worry; but what can I do? I heard no familiar voice over comms, and the amount of information I can try to access over the link while we’re in combat is pitifully small) but on the whole it was a quiet time.

    There was some tension between Cmdr. Allard and Cmdr. Zelreich on Phoenix. I don’t know what that is about. I don’t want to start looking for spies and saboteurs as the explanation for every little disagreement between officers. After all, Expree is back, apparently none the worse for his little mind control episode; and del Pino has been cleared of everything but negligence. There’s the old story-teller practice, “lie, lie, tell the truth”; or, in fencing terms, “feint, feint, hit”, but that might be stretching the concept of life imitating art.

    Just to make sure we didn’t relax too much, on our return to Command we engaged in another exercise. It was intended to be a no-win scenario, and lived up to its promise.

    As Hydra and Raven returned, we started another exercise together – but the simulation turned real as Command relayed a distress call from TSAF Bath, a cargo ship that was carrying material for the war effort. Bath was out of control, unable to change heading or shut down its engines, and therefore it seemed quite natural when it launched life pods. When Hydra went to recover the pods, however, they were found to be empty… Once our ships returned to Command, and the pods were examined more closely, the techs found some disturbing evidence: Bath had been carrying stocks of nanites, the kind that are routinely used in the treatment of wounds and in tech repairs, but something had caused the nanites to activate, escape containment, and take over Bath‘s systems.

    The thing with nanites is that they’re designed to process whatever material is around them and adapt it to their function, and that means that, simply by reproducing themselves, they could destroy even a vast mass. And so we start with many questions once more: according to Bath‘s crew, the i.d. on the crate the nanites were in showed they were part of medical supplies intended for Hydra. Were they part of the supplies that went missing recently? How did they end up on Bath? How did they get reprogrammed? How did they get out of their containment? What was the intent behind reprogramming Bath? And given that the nanites ended up on Hydra, was that where they were supposed to go all along?

    Naturally, the recovered life pods were immediately isolated and examined, and from what I hear Hydra‘s maintenance techs have been pulling double shifts to make sure that every system on board is scrubbed clean of potential hitchhikers.

    As for myself, I would be curious to find out where the course Bath was on would eventually lead, whether it was just bait to lure us in and get our ships infected, or whether it was actually being sent somewhere specific.

    Admin notes: Ens. Assassino was promoted to Lt.Jr., Lt.Jr. Aramond was promoted to full Lt., and volunteered for Duty Officer for the next stint. Matsiyan has a new coffee-maker and a new batch of coffee. So the Sector is temporarily safe for civilization.

    [end log]

    //OOC game continues: spot the really, really easy reference to Earth culture in Mundy’s log.

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    Nice Pinball Wizard reference, I didn’t know you were into classical music!

    Adele Mundy

    Rock opera may have gone out of fashion nowadays, but one can’t help appreciating good music.
    //Also, No-Prize for Quinn!

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