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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt.Sr. Adele Mundy, TSN Sabre, 2nd Flt., 4th Lt. Div.
    Stardate: 5817-2237

    CMO declared me fit for duty at last. I’m still getting the headaches, but I am informed (and who am I to doubt the word of the Promethean medical staff?) that they’re “good” headaches, due to my going through “a necessary period of readjustment to full sensory input”. If the headaches could just pay attention to what the doctors say, that would be helpful.

    And if the nightmares about the robots would just go away completely, I’d appreciate that too. Though shooting robots is actually quite fun… if it weren’t for the fact that there’s always a pack of new ones around the next corner. I don’t know if the CMO really understands what I was talking about when I was trying to explain that they evolve if I don’t shoot them fast enough. First they start off like the little clattering Clockwork that skulk — skulked, dammit! — in Perez Park and King’s Row, then they build each other up into Tesla Princes, and then they go all sleek and much more humanoid, like the city maintenance bots in Praetoria… which I’ve only seen a couple of times, for real, but they were disturbing enough.

    The spooky things are the Seers, though. I’m not sure who they are, or where they come from. I’m not sure they’re human. Their faces are covered by shiny metal visors, and they try to talk to me. But they stop floating around when I shoot them, too, so I suppose that’s all right.

    But that was why I demurred from taking Tactical this past shift. What if I see one of them when I have real weapons at my fingertips? Though it was Caltrons, dammit, and at that point I thought if Ironclad didn’t shoot them fast enough my head would explode.

    We lost a couple of the weapons platforms by Promethean Command to the Caltrons, dammit. That was more than enough explosions.

    Talking about events out of the proper order… I didn’t really want to think about the things that struck me first, the big shocks: Phoenix gone, Raven gone, casualties, Cmdr. van Leigh retiring and leaving the TSN. He’s too young to retire, truth to tell. Perhaps he didn’t want to call it resigning. I might hazard guesses at his reasons, but they would be based much more on my perceptions than on his true thoughts, so I shall keep my guesses to myself. Captain Evans was not on shift either, and nobody mentioned his name. I hope he was on some confidential assignment, and that his will be a temporary absence. Cmdr. Tuor was also absent, though people did seem confident it would not be permanent. There were absences among the junior officers too, and in the rush of finding my new quarters I didn’t ask which were due to shift rotation, which to reassignment, and which to casualties.

    New quarters, possibly temporary, on board Sabre – a dashing name, and my favourite fencing weapon, for the Ares class ship. I have to get used to the stations aboard: for some reason, her sensors seem to use up much more energy than the ones on Raven, and I was wary of asking Graybeard to boost them, because the balancing act between engines, shields and weapons seemed a tricky task.

    The training exercises went smoothly enough, and the escort mission as we accompanied the ships laying new sensor buoys in Cerberus System was livened up only briefly by a few Kraliens and pirates; though we did have a brief encounter with a few Caltrons in Cerberus 6. I was going to add, “for no readily apparent reason”, but can one ever find reasons for what Caltrons do? These particular ones seemed determined to make my headache worse, but to think they were around just to spite me seems presumptuous of me.

    Just as we were debriefing in Promethean Command, and discussing, coincidentally, what the Caltrons might have been looking for in Cerberus 6, there was a radiation alert, a singularity appeared damn close to Command, and we scrambled. And it was Caltrons. Singularities appearing around the mine field, a couple of Senaries too close for comfort, and a hectic defence on our part. It was only partly successful, as two of the docking stations were severely damaged, and we lost one of the weapons platforms as well as a significant amount of hardware.

    I have since read reports that correlate the appearance of the Caltrons with a containment systems failure in one of the Command Base’s cargo bays. Of course I had authorization to access those reports, Computer. I need to find out what is being stored in that cargo bay, though. Station Security might depend on it.

    And then, we received a signal that the Zolmari defectors were attempting to cross into the Euphini Expanse, but that their ships were being pursued by the Order, and they required assistance. So we took the multiple transits through to an intense fight in Erebus, covering the Zolmari retreat from the large fleets that chased them. We found out, after we were safely back through the gate into friendlier space, that the Zolmari defectors had had a counter-defector aboard, who had been leaking information about them to the Kralien high command. This person felt they were too close to being unmasked, and called for extraction. Which, it seems, the Kraliens decided to do by force.

    So now we have more grateful Kraliens, and we are monitoring the Caltron situation. I’m not exactly sure how to monitor Caltrons, other than keep looking for suddenly appearing singularities. Or that might just be my headache making me more stupid than normal.

    But I do wonder what’s in the cargo bay?

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    Matthew Vaj

    // van Leigh didn’t resign, he retired. 😛
    Regardless, another great log!

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    Adele Mundy

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