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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt.Sr. Adele Mundy, TSN Sabre, 2nd Fleet, 4th Lt. Div.
    Stardate: 30917-2237

    With a few more Senior Officers present, we started the shift briefing with the announcement of some awards from Command: an Advanced Practical Proficiency in Engineering ribbon for Lt. Quinn; a Distinguished Service Medal for Capt. Evans for his contributions on exploring and mapping the Euphini Expanse, diplomatic work and research on the Zolmari faction, and research on the Artefacts; Purple Hearts for the crew of Lancer (Aramond, Beaumont, Morlock, Xiph) and Viper (Beaumont, Donovan, Graybeard, Maxwell) when they were damaged in battle.

    Later, in the Galley, there were jokes about Beaumont trying to get a Purple Heart for each ship in the Division. Because of the cries of “too soon!” in response, names of the people involved shall not be mentioned.

    Although Kralien raids seem to have decreased lately, the Division received intel about the possibility of two Kralien strike forces preparing for action, possibly in Krisenda and/or Atlantis systems; and the exciting prospect (yes, Computer, that is sarcasm, well done, you’re improving) of a trade convention with civilian vessels in Cerberus System, in order to encourage trading to return to its previous levels, now that the sensor network has been repaired and the raids have decreased.

    We spent some time in the sim suites to familiarise ourselves with the latest systems updates, especially the new responsibilities assigned to Comms officers. We ran Sabre, Lancer (this gave us cause to hope the real Lancer might return), Horizon, and added a simulated frigate under the Excalibur call sign, for the ONI ship.
    The sims emphasised the new shuttle systems, with the capability of transferring energy, ordnance and DamCon teams – so far, so good.

    When we reported to our ships we received the news we were pretty much expecting: the Kraliens had been spotted gathering a force that included Skaraans, and the likelihood of a raid on Krisenda DS Station 121 to recover the alien Artefact being kept there was high. We were ordered to coordinate the defence of Krisenda with the local allied ships – this meant Sabre in command of the allies, which meant, as Sabre’s Comms officer, I was kept busy… but I’m running ahead of myself.

    The Fleet Captain was in command on Sabre, of course, but Aramond was assigned to the ONI frigate, so I was XO, with Quinn on Weapons, Ironclad in Engineering, and Cdt. Ben on Helm. I’m trying to remember if I’d flown with Ben before, but I can’t recall.

    We were under orders to defend the Artefact at all costs – meaning, if it should be taken by the Kraliens, we should of course attempt to retake it, but if that should prove impossible, we were told it would be preferable to destroy the artefact rather than lose it to the Kraliens. You know that feeling when a loud high-pitched metallic scream pierces your eardrums and goes straight into your brain? No, Computer, of course you don’t. That feeling when the wrong grade of denabite crystals are connected to the main drive, and the frequencies spike? Yes, like that. That’s what happened when I heard the orders. Dammit.

    Throughout the defence preparations, as I was directing TSN in-system ships to defend the bases, I had the metal screech in my head. Not really something you can tell the allied commanders when they ask you to repeat the Fleet Captain’s orders.

    True to our intel, there were Kraliens and Skaraans trying to keep us busy as a Skaraan ship docked with DS121 and boarded the station to take the Artefact. Our marines had a tough engagement, but were able to secure the Artefact even though that meant some of the Skaraan boarders were able to escape. Meanwhile, Marines on Proteus boarded one of the Kralien ships (M97), and took her commander prisoner. We transferred them to Excalibur, and ONI will conduct the interrogation. And we had plenty of Kralien and Skaraan ships to keep at bay – overall, the Division worked well together.

    Once the possibility of having to destroy the Artefact receded, so did the brain-piercing scream, thank the stars around…

    And when I had time to think about it, I started wondering where the second Kralien strike force might have gone.

    We ran a couple of sims with Sabre, Lancer and Viper, deliberately changing the bridge crews around; so I ended up on Lancer, running Weapons (with only one tube to think about, and those lovely beams, it was fun, even though she does get energy-hungry when the beams are firing) while Matsiyan was on SciComms, Capt. Jemel in Engineering (I think Lancer purred; don’t look at me like that, Computer, she was definitely in a good mood), Graybeard on Helm, and Act.Ens. Yooey in command. Ironclad was in command of Sabre, Wade was in command of Viper.

    We did lots of flying around getting very hurt, because we kept meeting enemies with tractor beams, which were poor Lancer’s nemesis when she was nearly lost. And because her aft shields are so weak, running away doesn’t help much, one might as well face the enemy and fire – which can be tricky when you find yourself in overlapping enemy beam arcs. I thought I wasn’t doing too badly, but Yooey wanted faster target acquisition, dammit. To which the only possible solution is more practice.

    [end log]

    Charles Beaumont

    // I wasn’t on the Lancer for her destruction. Cleared it up at the end of the briefing.

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