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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt.Cmdr. Adele Mundy, TSN Sabre, 2nd Fleet, 4th Lt.Div.
    Stardate: 30618-2237

    We’re still in Atlantis, under investigation, and restricted to training duties. This is rather relaxing in its own way, since the challenges posed by sims are merely intellectual. The investigation is the opposite of relaxing, on the other hand.

    I understand that they need to question us, to establish we are who we say we are, and that our story of the Mirror Universe is not impossible, just very, very improbable. While answering questions is not my idea of entertainment, I will answer, truthfully and completely. But when the suggestion was made about a mental scan, I said it last time: no. So, they weren’t terribly happy with me. They have no idea, is the problem. Not a problem for them, obviously.

    They also have no idea what it’s like to live while pretending, most of the time, to be someone they are not. Or perhaps they do, being Section Blue and having trained to be spooks, and keep secrets, and tell lies as part of their job; it’s just what they do, and, again, is not a problem. The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father, and all that. But that is not what Librarians do. And every time I acknowledged a communication as SubKommandant Adelaide Mundy of ISN Oblivion, I was lying; and in every interaction with anyone outside 4LD, though I was careful to speak the literal truth whenever it would not compromise us, I was carrying out a deception. It was for everyone’s survival, but it’s going to take me a while to come to terms with that.

    Back in the world outside my head: because Promethean is currently controlled by the Unukalhai, the Upper Echelons thought they might as well make some use of us, and gave us simulations of some of the plans to retake Promethean Command. First, though, we went over the new Shuttle Operations Protocols, with some straightforward delivery and pick-up sims. The strange thing was, we were so short of crew on Sabre that we had no shuttle pilot, so the sim was rather theoretical as far as we were concerned. It gave me the chance to show how out of practice I am at running the Weapons console, too. Which, if anyone had been paying attention to Adelaide, would prove I’m not her…

    We were so short of personnel, in fact, that we could only crew three ships: Sabre, Lancer, and Horizon, commanded, as usual, by the Fleet Captain, Capt. Jemel, and Cmdr. Aramond. I think our missing personnel is being questioned. At least, I hope that’s all it is. The paranoia from living in the Empire is taking its time to fade, Computer.

    Oh, except for Lt.Cmdr. Vaj. He’s actually missing.

    One thing about being restricted to simulations is that everyone seems more light-hearted than normal. At least, there was an unusual amount of joking on Sabre’s bridge, to the point that we ended on simulation with Lt. Ironclad practicing some silly maneuvres, and the Fleet Captain encouraging him. Even on the second sim, where we were supposed to defend stations from Kralien fleets, we didn’t take things too seriously. I was unable to direct friendly ships to the stations, because their reactions were so slow… I watched them approach and hit a mine field while I was sending them orders to change course and they were sending me acknowledgements. They blew up one by one, and you know what, Computer? I didn’t give a damn. If the AI is going to be that stupid, it deserves all it gets. And that’s why I talk to you: I’m educating you, Computer, and one of these days I’ll work out how to have circuits express gratitude, so you can thank me.

    After a brief interval, we started the strategic sims. This time Sabre had a bridge crew of five, with the Fleet Captain in command, Beaumont on Helm, Ens. Iroh in Engineering, Cdt. Rakaydos on Weapons, while I took Science and Comms. And the sim set up Horizon as a Scout, which must have been interesting for her crew. We started the sim in Cerberus Sector, as if arriving through the Atlantis Gate, with instructions to transit to Promethean and carry out reconnaissance there, and in particular to download data from a network of sensor relays and comms buoys in Sector 10. We were also warned that there was a strong USF presence in the area, and that our time to carry out the download would be limited.

    It was a fairly straightforward mission: we jumped throught the Gate into Promethean 6, transited rimward to 10, sent Lancer and Horizon to scout; found the sensor buoys, deployed shuttles to retrieve the data, and returned corewards towards the Gate ahead of the USF ships that launched from the hostile stations in the sector. Fleet Command will process the data on that sim, and it’s possible 5LD will carry it out next duty shift. Meanwhile, we’ll be testing some sims on assaulting Promethean Command.

    We concluded with one more training sim, where we set bridge crews on ships they are less familiar with, and on stations they are less familiar with. I put Lt. Draeco in command, but Lt. Nhaima was pretty much running the bridge from the Weapons console.

    As an officer in the TSN, I shouldn’t have a limit, Computer. Or I should remember my training and keep going past it. But I think I left it behind somewhere in the Mirror Universe, and I am so past it, dammit, that I’m past caring too.

    Hjocoa. Time for hjocoa. Fortunately, being confined to barracks doesn’t prevent me from having access to hjocoa.

    Adele Mundy

    // In case it isn’t clear from the log: Mundy is definitely feeling the aftereffects of the Mirror Universe events, including withdrawal symptoms from the Hjocaine she was injected with during interrogation in Fenring; so she is not particularly well-disposed towards anyone. Complaints and gripes are strictly IC, and will probably get worse.

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