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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt. Adele Mundy, TSN Horizon, 2nd Flt. 4th Lt. Div.

    It seems we didn’t scour Volantis Command Base quite thoroughly enough, from the number and frequency of systems malfunctions we encountered in this past shift. Dammit, where were those bugs hiding?

    (Computer, what is that noise? That doesn’t sound right at all. Computer, pause log.)

    Computer, resume log.
    We all went through the standard security protocols, but nothing was running the way it should have been. Not an auspicious beginning to my stint as Duty Officer.

    We did have a cheerful start to the briefing, though, as Aposine was promoted to Lieutenant, and Aramond to Lieutenant Commander. Matsiyan and I have been zealously saluting Aramond and calling him “sir” at every opportunity, especially in the bar, just to see how long it would take for him to order us not to. Not long, is the answer.

    It was interesting having the responsibility of assigning cadets and other personnel without a fixed berth to the ships – interesting, not quite in the Chinese proverb kind of way, and fortunately not in the Hoban Washburne kind of way, but definitely in the “let’s not dawdle making these decisions because the whole fleet is waiting” kind of way. Cadet Xiph has now been with us long enough that he can request to take his Ensign exam – I sent him to Horizon; Cadet Buchanan is new, but said he had had experience on all stations – I sent him to Viper; and Cadet Brubel had never set foot on a ship before – I sent him to Raven; all of them ships with commanding officers who would bring out the best in the cadets. I heard that Cadet Brubel, in particular, went from complete lack of experience to fair competence on Tactical.

    The simulation exercises went pretty well, from a personnel point of view. Capt. Evans was in command on Horizon, with Lt.Cmdr. Allard as XO (he went to Viper for the second sim, as Lt.Cmdr. van Leigh had another fainting episode), Lt. Graybeard on Tactical, Cdt. Xiph on Engineering, Act.Ens. Power on Helm, while I took Science and Comms. What did not go at all well was the technical side, as systems started misbehaving, freezing up, and blacking out. We called in the malfunctions to maintenance, who were not at all pleased at the length of the list, and we adjourned to the briefing room to prepare for our mission.

    (Computer, what do you mean, error message? Oh, voiddammit, pause log)

    //thanks, @aramond, for the brilliant new swearword!

    Computer, resume log.

    The plan was to set out from Volantis Command and head for the sectors still being held by the Hegemony, starting with sector 7. We were to approach the bases, allow our contingents of Marines to board them and re-take them. Unfortunately, the gremlins were aboard with us, and somebody had been feeding them after midnight… we had security breaches, had to switch command codes, Horizon was not responding properly, the sensors were glitching, ordnance wasn’t loading correctly, helm was struggling, comms were cutting out… I hear the situation on Viper was just as bad, and I saw what Lancer was going through. It was a horrible, horrible mess. The one positive thing I can say is that we managed to hold everything together and not blow any of our ships up. And that was thanks to cool heads in command, and bridge crews doing their best under trying circumstances.

    We limped back to base and unleashed the maintenance crews on the ships. I don’t know what was louder, the noise of the equipment, or the swearing.

    There was a live fire exercise in there somewhere, but everything is one roiling memory of chaos, and I can’t separate it out. We went back to sims, but at that point maintenance, who had been called away to deal with the ships, hadn’t finished working on the sim suites software, and the results were more glitches. Lt. Graybeard took command of Horizon on one sim, and I took command on the last one. One reason we survived was because my crew knew precisely what they were doing even when I didn’t know what to tell them. Another reason is that Viper and Lancer came to the rescue. And then the software collapsed in a quivering heap again.

    I’m expecting a veritable quilt of patches for next shift. I’d better have a stack of data pads ready for the updates.

    Computer, end log before… Oh, dammit, not again!

    //No-Prizes available for spotting the cultural references.

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    Blaze Strife

    //Another nice log. Too bad there wasn’t any more of that semi-dialogue with the nurse. 😛

    //I reckon we all watched Firefly.


    // I think the Computer was getting the dialogue this time. Though maybe apoplexy will have her talking to the nurse again soon 🙂

    Great job of making entertainment out of a very frustrating shift.

    Awesome new collective noun for patches 🙂

    Adele Mundy

    //One shiny No-Prize for Blaze – yes, I suspect anyone who hasn’t wouldn’t be the sort of person who wants to play a starships game.

    //Mundy will talk to the nurse if she ends up in MedBay again. She’d rather not do that if she can help it, so let’s hope nothing blows up.

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