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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, SubKmdt. Adelaide Mundy, TSN Oblivion, 2nd Space Flotilla, 4th Hunter Group
    Stardate: 24318-2237

    We still have the crew of the TSN ship we captured last shift — no, we didn’t hand them over to Command straight away — and we also have a couple of unlocked datapads we were able to remove from the crew’s possessions before they could secure them. So, guess what we’ve been doing? Well done, we’ve been using them as gateways into the TSN ship’s systems. Fascinating exercise. And, of course, we’ve been keeping the whole thing isolated both from our main systems and from the station’s, in case of, well, “viruses”. So, I’ve been a bit busy. But who needs sleep?

    As for the research into how to get back into our own universe, that isn’t quite as straightforward as hacking into TSN systems. Last shift’s trip into the Rift may lead us to information on the physics of how the jump happened, but emphasis is still on may. And RS-56-X seemed to be looking into that area too. But don’t hold your breath.

    By the way, I’m hoping you’re researching the same things. The temptation to ask you how you’re doing is only tempered by my knowledge that asking is perfectly useless. Dammit.

    We’ve had some awards and promotions: Yooey was promoted to SubInt., Sblt. Avirson (he was promoted last shift, did I mention it?) requested a permanent post now that he has sufficient rank, and has been assigned to Excision; Int. Vaj received a Dept. Ribbon, Int. Beaumont a Bronze Star, and Sblt. Xansta a Special Services Ribbon for his excellent work on maintaining crew morale.

    After a couple of sims, we adjourned to the briefing room, where Commodore McCullough put in a brief appearance to thank us for rescuing his old friend Commodore Holbrook last shift. It did not seem the time or the place to point out that Holbrook is a war criminal, by the standards of a civilised society. Not if we want to find our way home. But Furies, Adelaide, I am not finding it easy to keep quiet.

    Our first mission was to retake Krisenda System, on the assumption that we have done enough damage to the Hegemony that they will not stand and defend the bases, but will probably attempt to pillage all they can, and damage what they can’t take with them, in order to cause the Empire as much difficulty as possible. Our first goal was to rescue and secure Krisenda Command from hostile forces, while remaining on the lookout for any other ships (read: pirates) who might want to dash in to take advantage of the unstable situation.

    We took out all four of our ships: Oblivion (the Group Leader in command, Int Quinn on Hlem, OInt. Graybeard in Engineering, Sblt. Xansta on Weapons, while I took SciComms), Relentless (Kdt. Aramond in command), Invictus, which is more patches than ship at this point (Kdt. Matsiyan in command), and Excision (OKdt. Jemel in command). It was a relatively straightforward operation, as we moved to the Command station, deployed teams of Marines to retake it, while Excision and Invictus distracted enemy ships and kept them away. Our Marines took the station with limited casualties, and over Comms we intercepted Hegemony messages that confirmed they were leaving.

    We were able to return to Cerberus Command to a hero’s welcome… no, I’m joking. I’m not quite sure what a hero’s welcome would entail, in your Empire. Lots of flags are customary pretty much anywhere that uses flags. Non-human captives in chains, maybe?

    Oh, by the way, there’s a news story they keep following up on the Pulse of the Imperium, about Prefect Moritani, who is under investigation for not being mean enough to non-humans (I paraphrase slightly). The latest accusation against him is that he was using alien tech to manipulate the reactions of the population. Because of course it would make no sense if people liked him because he was actually pursuing beneficial policies… This, Adelaide, is one of the reasons I could never survive two minutes in politics. I can’t suppress the snark. That, and the amount of lying that’s required. However, I can’t help recalling that one of those Void-damned Artefacts that got us here in the first place had some sort of communication ability, and was causing unrest among the Kralien population.

    Because I’m working on getting the TSN data from the captured ship, I didn’t take part in the second mission. It was much more eventful than the first one, by all accounts. Fourth Hunter was ordered to escort a convoy of engineering supplies from WP60 to Krisenda Sector 8. They were destined for Brunel and Stephenson Stations, which had been badly damaged in the whole Hegemony episode. All the other stations in Krisenda depend on Brunel and Stephenson for their life support parts, so keeping the manufacturing capability going is crucial.

    However, pirates had been skulking after the convoy, and they attacked. Relentless was boarded, and her defending Marines suffered serious casualties. Oblivion was surrounded by pirate ships, and severely damaged. The Group Leader ordered life pods to be launched and all systems shut down. The pirates were taken in, and went off to pursue the convoy ships, unaware that the crew was being picked up. Oblivion was limping, but with one of the engineering ships to patch her up she didn’t hold up the rest of the Hunter Group.

    Invictus and Relentless continued escorting the engineering convoy to Brunel and Stephenson stations in Krisenda 8. Enemy fleets continued to attack, and both ships were badly damaged. Invictus chased after a fleeing ship that was rigged to explode, and after that, the damage to her systems kept the engineering crews in a state of constant alert, as no repairs were actually sufficient. But the supplies made it to the stations at last, and Relentless then escorted Invictus back to Cerberus Command, for some thorough maintenance in the shpyards.

    During that time, Oblivion had intercepted distress calls in Krisenda Sector 1; but they weren’t aimed at the ISN… they were broadcast on the frequencies used by the TSN, using the call signs we had found on the captured ship. But there was no TSN response — perhaps they knew we were listening. So Oblivion went to assist, and was able to defend some of the stations from the Kralien attack. The TSN ships did arrive… dammit, I wish I’d been aboard, to talk to them. From what I’ve heard, and from the ship’s logs I read, the TSN fought to defend the stations too, and suffered heavy losses in the fight. And two stations were destroyed, I-32A and I-902S. And both Oblivion and TSN ships picked up the life pods, and afterwards, arranged for the transfer of survivors.

    So, they talked. Which, of course, we don’t want to say too much about, officially. But who knows… maybe I can be optimistic, for once.

    [end log]


    // I love listening you talk to your (other) self

    Matthew Vaj

    // Oh, yes! It’s a really cool perspective!

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