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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt. Sr. Adele Mundy, TSN Lancer, 2nd Flt, 4th Lt. Div.

    Life imitating art, sims imitating life, or something. I’m just being cryptic, Computer. I’ll explain later.

    Back on the base in the Euphini expanse, it looked like it was going to be a quiet shift, with only enough bridge crew members for four ships, so crews were redistributed in order to be able to run sims on Raven, Phoenix, Horizon, and Viper. I was assigned to Horizon, and for the first few minutes it looked as if I would be the senior officer on board. “Don’t get your hopes up, Mundy,” one of the other bridge officers (I’m trying to remember if it was Croove or Beaumont) said, “it’s unlikely you’ll be in command.” “I’m not expecting to be,” I told him. But as it turned out, I was. Thanks to excellent work by Lt. Wade and Lt. Jr. Parra on Engineering and Weapons, and thanks to their experienced advice, Horizon held her own.

    //I’m trying to check what Wade and Parra’s current ranks are, and finding I haven’t interacted with them recently, they’ve both been away for a while, so they don’t have a regular ship assignment where I could look it up. Do let me know if I have the ranks wrong, and I’ll edit to correct. //

    Ens. Beaumont did well on Helm – when Horizon was faced with a fleet that included a couple of Arvonian carriers, he kept us out of the clouds of erupting fighters, and when I decided we didn’t have enough heavy ordnance left to take on the fleet, he lured them skillfully into the nearby singularity; aided by Ens. Croove’s taunts.

    Ens. Croove did a good job on Comms – considering he doesn’t have the Voice. And I would never, ever add that comment if this were a log that anyone other than me was ever going to read. I need to stand away from the Comms station, and, for that matter, the Science station, and let the crew members assigned to them get on with their jobs – even when I see an enemy ship’s shields dropping to zero, and my hands reach for the controls to demand a surrender, and Croove is saying “they refuse to surrender” and I’m thinking, dammit, that’s not the right tonal sequence to use when talking to Kraliens, of course they won’t surrender if you say it like that! But no. Must not crowd the junior officers. Admit it, woman, you had more than enough to do. And we should have coordinated better between ships, which is in part your responsibility.

    Anyway, my voice was struggling all last shift, thanks to the unconquerable cold viruses that still infest human-inhabited planets. Being on the bridge in a suit and helmet is no fun at all, but on the other hand, spreading the plague on board would not have been fair to the crew. Our gallant engineer did tell me that he had boosted my suit’s oxygen supply to 250%, but I’m not sure my sinuses and lungs believed him.

    And this is where we reach the part where life and sims merge into an indistinguishable blur. You’d think at this point I would know the difference between a ship and a sim suite… I blame my cold, and the decongestants, and lack of oxygen despite Engineering’s valiant efforts. Dammit, I miss Doc. She looked like she felt no sympathy at all, but she always knew exactly which medications would work best. Yes, life and sims, I’m coming to that, Computer.

    I was still on Horizon, this time acting as XO for Capt. Evans as he took command of the fleet. We were supposed to go and make test contact with Research Station 56X, but the station comms told us to stay away, as they were under quarantine protocol. Station by station in that sector sent us the same message as we approached – you can see the irony in that, can’t you, as I was sitting there, sniffling in my suit… oh, I forgot to update your irony programming, Computer.

    It appeared that a cargo ship that had docked at RS56X was carrying some contaminated cargo that had breached its containment somehow; there followed a chase through the neighbouring few sectors, as we found that every station U68 had docked at had been contaminated, and therefore was under quarantine. The practical result was that we had to watch our energy and ordnance use more closely than normal, since we could neither refuel nor resupply; and this was made more interesting by the unexpected presence of USF ships in the area.

    We found out, after we defeated several USF vessels (and I need not mention my relief at the fact this was a sim, right? Because, Little Horror, dammit.), that the USF had actually been developing bioweapons, and were using one to infect ships and bases: the containment had been deliberately set up to fail, like a timer on a bomb, so that the transport would spread its contamination. We did find cargo ship U68, sent a team on board (following all the necessary hazmat transport protocols, obviously) to recover the contaminated cargo, and once it was safely on board Horizon, the fleet returned to RS-56X so that the science department there could develop and anti-virus. Once that was done, our ships took the anti-virus out to the infected bases.

    After that, the sim became a Search and Destroy mission, as we were sent to look for USF transports that might be carrying similar bioweapons, and to search for any of our own transport vessels or other friendlies who might have been infected. But as we were taking part in that, several of our bases were attacked, and we lost some, including Atlantis Command. And one might say, to lose one station may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose more looks like carelessness.

    Yes, Computer, I shall have a cucumber sandwich now. No, Computer, not literally. Consider it a follow-up literary reference.

    There was an observation that Lt.Cmdr. Allard’s piloting skills allow him to waltz around singularities with no trouble at all, but seem to switch off in the presence of mines or asteroids; and I kept very quiet… I ask myself, and I might as well ask you, Computer, why is it perfectly acceptable for Allard to fly into (simulated) mines and asteroids, and everyone laughs about it, and so does he, but when I fly into one I just want to throw myself out of the nearest airlock? Dammit.

    I was on the Science console, which is plenty of work if one is acting as XO as well. Croove is perfectly capable on Comms, and I have to let him have his space. Keep reminding yourself that it’s your job to allow everyone else to do their job, dammit.

    At the end of the shift, three Acting Ensigns were promoted to Ensign: Beaumont, Ben, and Candice. Unfortunately, the celebrations for them were muted by the fact that the storm is continuing, we have lost contact with TSN Command, and are currently isolated in the Euphini Expanse. There’s no shortage of supplies, but that will depend on the duration of the storm, and how it will affect supply convoys, quite apart from any military action. If any enemies were to find out we can’t expect reinforcements for a while, the situation could become… interesting. And you know what the definition of interesting is, Computer.

    End log.

    Blaze Strife

    //”if this were a log that anyone other than me was ever going to read” Hahahah!

    //I think that the RS56X mission was a real mission, not a simulation. The simulation some of us were confused over was the latter one, when Atlantis Command blew up. But at this point, I’ve no idea anymore.

    //Why can Allard cause chaos and live? Because he’s Allard.


    // I had understood the two simulations were both part of the same one-off excercise. And I really appreciated the fleet captain’s briefings before and after each one.

    Adele Mundy

    //Well, in character, it is a personal log, so nobody else is going to read it 😉

    //From the Fleet Captain’s briefings, I understood (after the fact) that both exercises were sims. But yes, I was confused too, at first.

    //To borrow an explanation from the old days of D&D, I haven’t put enough points into Charisma for Mundy. Daredevil pilots need lots of Charisma…

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