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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Ensign Adele Mundy, TSN Hawk, 2nd Flt. 4LD

    Duties are getting more intense, logs may have to get shorter – at least my personal notes.

    On patrol duty in the Cronus system, I was assigned to Phoenix, which seems to have trouble retaining a regular crew. We had Lt.Cmdr. Zelreich as XO, Ens. Adam Parra on Helm, Ens. Deverin on Weapons. I’d need to check official records to see who was down in Engineering, and I don’t particularly want people to think I’m snooping or going behind anyone’s back – things are beginning to feel a little edgy. I was on Science and Comms as usual, with the interesting quirk that the captain wished to have the Red Alert sounded every time we approached combat. Since everyone hates the noise on Hawk, I was rather slow to remember to push that extra button.

    The mission itself was straighforward, with a few pirates on the way and some Kralien fleets in the system.

    The second mission was a little more complex: as part of the recent peace treaty with the N’tani, they have been given permission to anchor in Promethean system, and we were to provide an escort to N’tani trade ships and defend them from any enemies. However, N’tani ships transiting the system were subject to inspection, in case they were carrying illegal goods.

    I was back on Phoenix, with Lt. Cmdr. Zelreich in command again, Ens. Parra at the Helm, End. Draeco on Weapons, and Ens. Deverin taking over in Engineering.

    Escorting the N’tani ships was like herding some slow and elderly cats who had a tendency to get distracted and wander off by themselves on the least provocation, which made them terribly attractive to Kraliens, Torgoths and Pirates. Still, herd them we did, and we even found some contraband aboard one of the ships we were escorting.

    Then, back on base, things became interesting, in the Chinese proverb sense of the word, as we received a priority transmission from Station Eve in Promethean Sector 4: there had been a critical event, and 5000 station personnel urgently required evacuation. So we scrambled.

    Things were hectic as we raced to collect the station life pods. The situation was made more complicated by the civilian vessel Windward, which could have been helpful in recovering and carrying rescued personnel, but which was ignoring orders and heading away from the scene. Understandable, given the pirate activity that was making our rescue more hazardous, but cowardly, nonetheless. I think it was Lancer which eventually “persuaded” Windward to join the rescue efforts – I know Matsiyan was going frantic with systems going down all over the ship as the pirates engaged. Every time he realises one of his maintenance crews is down he gets… well, agitated is not an adequate term.

    The good news is that our ships managed to rescue 98% of the station personnel, though many required hospitalization. The bad news is that the cause of the station malfunction is still under investigation. There are rumours of sabotage, enhanced by the amount of comms trouble the fleet had during the action, and the malfunctioning consoles on board several ships just when events were reaching critical junctures. Indeed, one can’t help wondering.

    [End log]

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