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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt. Sr. Adele Mundy, TSN Sabre, 2nd Flt., 4th Lt. Div.
    Stardate: 181117-2237

    You know, Computer, I need a personal stash of Hjocoa. I mean, Engineers seem to manage with strong liquor, Hjocoa isn’t even alcoholic, there’s no reason I couldn’t have some on shift… What do you mean, why? In case of Hjocoa emergencies, Computer. One never knows.

    This may count as a spoiler, but no Caltrons this shift. Or Artefacts. Or headaches. Coincidence? I think not. Or, come to think of it, dreams of that weird not-quite-Paragon. I need to go back through my records and double check whether there’s a correlation there, too.

    We did go after Kraliens, though. After last shift’s events in Euphini, and the intel ONI were able to extract from the black box we recovered, they suspected more Kralien fleets might be hiding in the barrion nebula, so with that and the sensor network upgrade being ready to be deployed after the last Kralien raids, it was back to the Euphini Expanse for the 4th Light.

    But first, the customary sims. While the Fleet Captain and Cmdr. Matsiyan were deep in conference (and dammit, it was hard work not to listen in on half of the conversation), I was in command of Sabre, with Quinn (currently the DO) taking Helm, Morlock Weapons, Graybeard Engineering and Exec duties, Xansta Comms, and Jake Simmons (a relatively new cadet, I think I’ve only seen him on one previous shift) Science. I was grateful for my experienced trio of officers, since I am still finding my way around command. Xansta got some finely timed surrenders; Simmons needs to prioritise his scans better, and edit down the amount of information he provides Comms to what is actually necessary; both of them show promise.

    And then Lt.Cmdr. Hall, who had been in Fleet command, was asked to join the Senior Officers in the conference room (because spoilers — the conversation was interesting, but dammit, I had to shut it down as much as I could), and as the senior officer I had Fleet command. First time in Fleet command. I don’t think my voice shook… Thank the stars around it was a sim, so if it had gone badly nobody would actually have been hurt. And I had the same efficient crew to support me, and Nhaima and Beaumont on Viper and Horizon who did the same. There were a couple of instances when I was about to give orders as they asked for permission to take the action I had been about to order; I don’t know if that says more about me as a slow fleet commander, or them as ship commanders aware of the wider situation and perfectly able to act on their own initiative, but as it worked to everyone’s benefit, I’ll take it as a good thing.

    During a break on station we heard on the news that TSN Hamilton, of the 2nd Light, will be setting out soon on an exploration voyage. I checked the crew list, but none of the people I was at the Academy with is on board. Still, what an opportunity!

    The Fleet Captain returned to Sabre for our mission, and as Morlock was reassigned to station duty, Xansta took the Weapons console and I settled back in Comms. I had thought we’d be heading for the Euphini Expanse, but it was Erebus System first, accompanied by the supply ship Jinn and her escorts, to strike at Kralien bases in order to deprive the Kraliens of support for any future incursions they might be planning. Because we were going after bases, the fleets they launched weren’t really part of our targets; at the same time, they were there to defend the damned bases, so Viper and Horizon had to keep the fleets distracted while Sabre went after the relatively easier targets. Mind you, we did a fair amount of dancing with clouds of fighters ourselves, and both Viper and Horizon took down bases. There were certainly plenty of ships and plenty of bases to keep us all occupied, and Jinn’s presence was more than justified by the amount of ordnance we used.

    Out of the seemingly endless supply of Kralien ships who came after us, one suddenly declared for the Zolmari faction — then promptly decided to ignore my orders to fly to safety through the Sierra gate. There are times when Kralien allies are just as troublesome as Kralien enemies, and I can’t even have the satisfaction of threatening them until they surrender, dammit.

    We worked our way through Erebus 5 and 6, and once we had emptied out Jinn of all her supplies and she and her escorts returned to the Sierra Gate, we made a brief final foray into sector 7, before prudently heading back towards Sector 10 and the Gate ourselves before we ran out of ordnance. Prudence was more than justified by the fact that the Kralien base we had originally attacked in Sector 10 (H48) had been damaged but not destroyed, and launched ships in an attempt to block us from the Gate. We cleared enough of a path to make it through, and take some well deserved R&R after that protracted mission.

    We returned to the Euphini Expanse in our second mission, in order to assist the N’tani deploy their upgraded defence grid, or rather, to patrol the sectors while they deployed. Almost as soon as we set out, in Euphini 13, with a fine view of the uninhabited planet and the Zolmari bases in orbit around it, we had a general systems crash caused, according to our engineers, by incompatibility with the new network upgrades. They managed to resolve the problem relatively quickly, fortunately, and we headed through Sector 7 towards Sector 1, on the lookout for trouble.

    Which we found, of course, in the form of a number of Skaraans, with their customary jump and hide tech. We succeeded in driving off some, destroying others, and even getting a few surrenders, from which we garnered a black box. That’s currently in ONI’s hands, and we should find out if it held any interesting information by next shift.

    After our final debrief, we had confirmation of what I had more than suspected from the Senior Officers’ conversations in Missions Operations, as Hall was promoted to Lieutenant-Commander. Of course, speculation is now rife about who is going to get permanent command of which ship, as there are two ships available (anyone daring to consider taking Lancer from Capt. Jemel had better write their final letter home now); and then there’s the question of Execs. But that’s the kind of speculation best reserved for the Bar, and it might be time to adjourn there: after all, there’s some celebrating to be done.

    [end log]

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    Jake Simmons

    // only read two and already love them! btw if you have any hints or tips about how i can improve my efficiency i am all ears 😉

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