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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt.Sr. Mundy, TSN Lancer, 2nd Flt. 4th Lt. Div., 17916-2237

    The Fourth Light are back on Promethean Base, and so am I. Archives and Encyclopedia and databases are going to miss me, no doubt – because, Computer, they need and appreciate me, unlike certain lumps of circuitry I might mention – but it’s time to go back out there. I’m already falling behind in training, what with the new formation exercises and everything, and if we add in the fact that I’ve been posted to Lancer, there’s a lot of catching up to do.

    And yes, the research on the Kralien language went fairly well, if I say so myself. I am rather hoping to be able to insult any hostile Kralien captains in a more effective way from now on. And with a better accent. Access to the archives was a delight, and also a temptation… something like being presented with a sequence of gourmet meals after months of emergency rations. I am pleased to say that I still know my way around the data storage systems and the catalogues, too: like getting into the water and remembering how to swim.

    But it’s back to ship systems now, and a new bridge, and a new, if familiar, set of bridge officers. She’s a pretty little thing, Lancer. The new quarters are a bit more cramped, but what’s a couple of square metres between fellow-officers? And anyway, the way the shifts are arranged, we barely meet each other in passing. Captain Jemel was kept on station by some administration matter, I think they said, so Lt. Cmdr. Aposine was in charge, with his shiny new pips and his shiny new ribbons – he was promoted while I was away.

    Indeed, there was a veritable haberdasher’s worth of new ribbons on display, including a couple for me, which was a pleasant surprise. And Matthew Vaj was promoted to Lt. Jr. as the shift began, because of his admirable performance on Phoenix, while more ribbons were handed out to Aramond and Zelreich. We are becoming a mighty colourful lot.

    The shift started quietly enough, with orders to proceed with exercises on the new formations. We went on to a live fire exercise, but that was interrupted by a Mayday transmission from an N’tani fleet in Cerberus Sector, so we dashed away to the rescue, destroyed the pirates who were raiding them, and sent them safely on to Promethean Command.

    Back to exercises, and we switched posts, which is always an enlightening experience. I ended up with a stint on Tactical, which is enjoyable in its narrow-focus way; but made challenging by the fact that Aposine, genius pilot though he undoubtedly is, tends to forget how much information he is supposed to communicate when he is on the Science console. This led to a frustrated pilot repeatedly asking for course bearings, and a frustrated Tac officer (yours truly) repeatedly asking for beam frequencies, in increasingly loud voices, possibly edging on lack of respect for a superior officer. Dammit, how am I supposed to do my job without information? Yes, Computer, I would normally have a Science screen open on my console, but in case your memory banks have been irradiated recently, I couldn’t get a reliable connection to the Science console. And don’t go blaming Engineering, either. Though I did “hear” Matsiyan wondering why, when the Skipper ordered power to sensors or tubes, Engineering was asking how much. It goes without saying that I know exactly how much power Matsiyan considers appropriate.

    Which reminds me of yesterday’s off-duty stint in The Grid, where the cadet who was taking Engineering in the sim cut power to the torpedo tubes while we were on route to a Kralien fleet, after the captain had ordered Tactical (hallo, me again) to load an Omega 3… Perhaps I shouldn’t have been quite so cutting in my remarks at that point. I suppose using the Voice was a little excessive… I did enjoy it, though. And it might save that particular cadet a formal reprimand when he’s on duty, so I could even justify it, but in truth, I was not thinking of the cadet’s benefit at the time. I suppose I would have been more restrained, had that pear cider been less refreshing.


    // =_=;

    Matthew Vaj

    // It really shouldn’t surprise me that Mundy is a Bene Gesserit…

    Adele Mundy

    //It was Matsiyan who started saying it. I think he meant it as a joke. I think Mundy means it as a joke too. Possibly.

    //Oh, and a No-Prize for Vaj!

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