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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt.Cmdr. Adele Mundy, TSN… something
    Stardate: 16618-2237

    The spiral swirl of Caltrons in the dark
    Mirrors the spirals in our DNA.
    Or do our spirals, Clotho’s spindle, wind
    Our lifethread in remembrance of lost gods,
    Ancestral demiurges who have fled
    Into the vaster dark beyond the Rim?
    Bio-mechanic whispers through the brain
    Confound all sense, and expectation drowns:
    Sound traces glowing tracks on burning nerves,
    While light vibrates through blood and bone, and shakes
    The skin that hears, the gut that sees, the eyes
    That breathe dark vacuum, shudder, and explode.

    To call them doors is insufficient,
    The bright abyss between realities,
    Bridged by…
    Not bridged. There is no bridge; only a fool
    Who takes a step out into nothingness
    And doesn’t fall, for now. A fool returns,
    Hopes to return, and finds that time has flown
    That stars have burned, and nothing is the same.

    [end log]

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