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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Lt. Adele Mundy, TSN Eagle, 4LD

    It’s a good thing I checked Eagle’s life pods twice, after the last shift.

    We’re all rattled by what happened with the Weapon, and Capt. Xavier’s arrest; not to mention the news that are emerging in bits and pieces, about two of the R&D ship’s life pods going missing, or rather “disappearing”, leaving no debris, not even trace elements; and about the transponders not functioning in the life pods that were recovered . And we all spent far too much time in the bar, going over and over what happened. We didn’t come to any revelation, and no opinions were swayed, either.

    So, feeling unsettled and harried, I came on duty this shift, and nothing went the way it was supposed to. I can’t even remember the exercises, they were a blur of chaos and simulated destruction. Which makes them better than the mission.

    Lt. Hall gave the division briefing, which boiled down to: given the recent assault on the bases in Volantis System and the need to get the sector back under TSN control, the division would set out to patrol the system and regain control of the sector. I reported to my post on Eagle, where we had Lt. Kennon Far in command, Lt.Jr. Adam Parra on Helm, Lt.Jr. Assassino on Weapons and Ens.Draeco in Engineering. So far so good, right, Computer? But the repercussions from last shift are making themselves felt.

    The ships had just left Promethean Command, when my console registered a radiation spike, and a singularity opened, practically on our doorstep. Caltrons emerged, and we were waltzing with them, trying to get our weapons platforms to back us up and, you know, do their job, preventing hostiles from getting past the mine field to the docking platforms and Command. But the weapons platforms were in “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that” mode. Dammit, what part of “Attack nearest enemy” is so difficult? It makes one wonder what the Arvonians were thinking when they built their Supreme Understander…

    Are you sulking at me now, Computer?

    [pause log for Computer attitude adjustment]

    It might be more relaxing to go back to paper and pen like our ancestors. With a side-benefit of extra security: how many people can read cursive any more?

    We barely made it to the next sector, and more Caltrons appeared. Not so much a waltz, more of a danse macabre this time. We got too close, we lost impulse, warp and shields. Red alert sounded, emergency lights took over from failing systems, and we rushed into the life pods. Which worked, and had functional transponders, and did not disappear, much to everyone’s relief. What else can I say? One tries not to dwell on the experience. What Cmdr. Jemel must have gone through, stuck in a life pod after the Weapons ship exploded last shift, and not recovered for days; and then when Lancer was hit by Caltrons this time, and the crew had to evacuate again… They were picked up by Raven, and once the Caltrons were out of the system it looks like Search and Rescue vessels were out to recover both Eagle and Lancer, so they might be operational again soon.

    Later, in the galley, Assassino mourned his lost guns and there was talk of officers naming their favourite guns (strangely, I was the only person who suggested the name Vera; perhaps the reference is too obscure.

    The debrief observed that the patrol didn’t go well – as if the point hadn’t been driven home clearly enough by the events themselves.

    The simulation at the end of the shift, with Dauntless as a carrier with a full complement of fighters, escorted by Raven, Hunter and Eagle (strange to sit on the simulated deck that was just destroyed around you), was fast and light-hearted, perhaps in reaction to the mission. The fighter pilots are conforming to type, immediately competing for the highest kill score. I’m expecting them to start going on about feeling the need, the need for speed any time now.

    Oh, and those damn kids really did flood the lecture theatre in Deck 13. They told me they were planning a small entertainment, not a recreation of a naval battle in the Colosseum! I’d better go and check up they don’t do anything stupid trying to dry the place out.

    [end log]

    //OOC game resumes: No-Prizes for spotting Mundy’s references to 20th-21st century popular culture

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    Blaze Strife

    //I do believe it was @Morlock who mourned the guns, and not Assassino (@chris2933). Might be wrong, though.

    Adele Mundy

    //oops. If I got it wrong, perhaps whoever it was would let me know, and an admin could change it for me?

    John van Leigh

    //2001: a Space Odyssey


    //yeah it was me ;-;

    wait. the captain was arrested???

    what the hell happened with THAT?


    @Morlock you have some reading to catch up in the Personal Logs and The Bar in the Wardroom 🙂


    //@morlock You’ve got some catching up to do.

    Adele Mundy

    // A black monolithic No-Prize for van Leigh!
    There’s a couple more hiding in there.


    //i didn’t know there was youtube holy shit

    Adele Mundy

    //Not every week, that particular shift was so epic we needed to refer back to the recording 🙂

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