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    Personal Log, Lieutenant-Senior Conrad Matsiyan, XO TSN Hunter, 4th L.D.
    Stardate: 8417-2237

    And so our time in the Euphini Expanse has come to a close for now: Mission accomplished.

    The nomadic N’tani broke off their accord with the Grand Alliance at the end of the Cerberus Incursion and treated with the USFP to find a Homeworld. The Euphini accords denied the Hegemony permanent occupation of poorly explored Expanse and so that is where the 4th Light Division was sent to find one.

    We did and Miyajeh Prime seems to be extremely suitable for the long-lived, bio-engineering-savvy wanderers. More so since the sub-sector also seems to attract an astromorph population of Diogenes Arcladytes, which after all had their genesis on the original N’tani homeworld.

    I shall miss the beauty of the N’tani living space vessels. I guess maybe that’s the nearest that an Engineer can get to Transcendance: living ships with organically grown computational cores as their central control system. That must throw a real curve into Arvonian philosophical bar crawls.

    The bar was a bit livelier than before most recent shifts, even with so many officers tasked with preparations to leave.

    The briefing was straight to the point. Cadet Horsepool passed his exams and was promoted Acting Ensign. Mission completion was formally announced and orders given to relocate to Promethean Command after two simulations to hone skills.

    That was a roller-coaster. With Beaumont and Timonix both unavailable for bridge duty the Duty Officer sent us perennial Cadet Bubba. With Cr00ve covering SciCom and the skipper trying his hand at Engineering, Bubba was assigned to Weapons, to my grateful relief and I was assigned to Helm of our sweet, fleet, nimble interceptor!

    My Helm interface subroutines were corrupted. I was unable to control impulse drive or retro-thrust. I nearly got us wiped out in two consecutive engagements by being unable to position clearly or exfiltrate promptly. I was racking my brains for the academy standard default overrides that I haven’t used in two years. The skipper saved me the trouble and promptly took me off helm for the next sim. I was mortified. Voiddammit I had done a sweet job the last few times I had the helm. Someone was going to pay for messing with my profiles.

    Commander Tuor was wondering where to place me, I think trying to avoid putting me in Engineering when he realized that he had actually not internalized what my specialties were. He seemed extremely surprised to find they were Science and Engineering now and had been Engineering and Helm before I took the Science specialization. The next sim went very much more smoothly as Engineering is almost second nature. I take pride in making sure power is where it is needed by intuiting from the bridge chatter what orders are being given. It still felt like a demotion, but a soothing one.

    We were only through the first system jump when orders were relayed inviting us to investigate the disappearance of an Atlantean mining vessel in Danae VIII a couple of days before. The sector was quiet on first reconnaissance, though with a fair amount of nebulae. The division executed a smooth evolution to comb the area efficiently.

    Hunter struck the jackpot. We found not the mining vessel but a derelict Ximni cruiser that we could not get a lock on. Ximni vessels with unexpectedly hostile IFF signature started materializing out of the nebulae. Given our scans, I am guessing they jumped in rather than came out of hiding. Before we had time to start investigating why vessels we expected to be allied were showing hostile, our warp drive started taking damage and we detected an uplink to ships systems that seemed to originate from the derelict. We squawked that to the rest of the division as quickly as we could and gained separation. Other ships started reporting missing ordnance. There was scuttlebutt afterwards that it was being microjumped offboard, but I’m inclined to believe the uplink was causing stores to be dumped.

    We tried to stay out of their way, even sat quiet while their fighters closed, but had to respond when they engaged. We gave them a drubbing and then started engineering analysis of the drive malfunction and started liaising with CIC on diplomatic efforts to find out what in The Stars Around that particular group of Ximni had been smoking. I hope it was some rogue splinter group following the dictates of some temporary election aberration because the restart of the Ximni civil war or their mass estrangement from the USFP would mean an astronomical petatonne of misery in our future. Well… especially if it interferes with ECS trade routes. I am down to my last kilo of Sumatra and really hoping ECS Asia has dropped by Promethean Command recently.

    To wind down we ran a sim of a Biomech infestation, but with five division vessels it was over quite quickly and efficiently.

    And now for rest.
    [End log]

    Blaze Strife

    //Five ships? Nice numbers!

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