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    Personal Log, Lieutenant-Senior Conrad Matsiyan, XO TSN Hunter, 4th L.D.
    Stardate: 4317-2237

    Aramond was sitting in my seat.

    This was it. The briefing was thorough and complex. Operation Astrid was finally under way with Taskforces Hammer and Scalpel alternately distracting major forces away from the Graviton relays so that Lancer and Viper could take them over and obtain the Graviton frequency codes, and the remaining vessels could then destroy the outer defense stations in Sector VI, allowing the safe destruction of the Control and Reactor stations. In the event the Graviton relays were lost but the Division’s marines were able to capture the key locations and prevent their self-destruction. A controlled detonation with the major Hegemony forces in the right place broke the back of their presence in Euphini.

    I had bounced aboard Raven all ready to be in the thick of the action when our heavy bird went in against the stations.

    Aramond was sitting in my seat, the XO’s post at the science board. “Oh.” he said. “You’ve been assigned as XO of TSN Hunter. It was discussed at the senior officers’ meeting.”

    Discussed sure, and I knew the posting was temporary as part of evaluations for the division’s reshuffle, but not announced to humble bridge officers. I couldn’t be cross at Lt. Cdr. Aramond. A) he outranked me, B) he was following orders C) he has been the proud XO and before that, the Science officer of the flagship for many months. Truly, that seat was his and I was grateful to have borrowed it. But… Voiddammit!

    Also Hunter was newly recommissioned and I wasn’t sure who had the captain’s berth. Embarrassing, but that’s bureaucracy for you. I hurried smartly off Raven. Needing fortification, I allotted myself an experimental pastille I have been working on, that is basically solidified espresso. I was fooling myself that I was calm and alert when I arrived at Hunter’s lock. As I strode, I quickly pulled up the latest assignments. Commander Tuor Elanesse was listed as CO. Awkward. The commander was away from active service when I was commissioned. He recently rejoined the division after over a year in enemy hands. I believe it was most unpleasant. The scuttlebutt is that he is rusty and working his way back into command responsibilities but that earlier he had an exemplary record.

    The skipper turned out to be alright. His tactical sense is basically intact, though running Hunter doesn’t help. That was the other shock. They reassigned Hunter’s patch to an interceptor. Naturally BUSHIPS has not got around to refitting the field improvements tested and approved on Lancer. So she is a plain old Mark I, with no torpedo tube and no enhanced range. Fragile as an eggshell. This is hugely different than operating a light cruiser or battlecruiser.
    So basically we ran around exploiting every fragment of knowledge we could glean from Intel dossiers on the enemy command structure, personnel records and even, frankly, scurrilous gossip about the private lives of the commanders to harass and distract them. I never thought I would see the day but I do believe that we exceeded Lancer’s record for the number of hostile drones on our tail. Asteroids were fairly scarce and our navigation options rather curtailed by the enemies numbers but by dogged persistence Lt-Jr Beaumont managed to decoy them into a meaningless lump of rock.

    It didn’t hurt that we had newly promoted Lt-Jr Cr00ve at Weapons and Comms and Lancer was riding high with Donovan also promoted to Lieutenant-Junior.

    It was a great satisfaction to see a huge mass of the enemy obliterated after being chased around the sector by them. Finally Euphini is becoming more secure. I was only sad that we could not leverage Commander Kolmar’s vision into an opportunity to have more Kraliens defect to the faction that sees us as common victims of the Caltron menace.

    [End log]

    Blaze Strife

    //The parts about Aramond and Tuor were great. Almost like reading a proper sci-fi novel.

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