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    Personal Log, Lieutenant-Senior Conrad Matsiyan, XO TSN Hunter, 4th L.D.
    Stardate: 1417-2237

    Aardvarks never killed anyone. But they were very nearly the death of Cadet Trueman today.

    Today’s briefing was unpromising. With the situation in the Euphini expanse now under control, the Fourth Light is very likely to be sent elsewhere pretty soon. So simulations were the order of the day while we waited for one more major event. A N’tani task force expected to arrive through the Danae gate with some of the Kolmarian Faction of Kraliens who went to meet them and escort a major convoy of settlement equipment to begin terraforming.

    Lt-Jr Nhaima was transferred to Phoenix where she can exercise her primary specialty at Helm.

    The first sims were a mixed bag. Hunter mostly stayed out of trouble, operating smoothly, especially during a borderwar where she and Lancer ran fast intercepts on several civilian missions before the war broke out.

    The skipper and cadet Trueman were deep in a discussion of N’tani language when I came aboard. They hadn’t made it very far through the alphabet. Commander Tuor had never come across a reference to the extinct terran Aardvark and thought the cadet was referring to a N’tani word. Much hilarity ensued as there was a lot of speculation as to why N’tani would have the concept of Aardvark. Archives were raided to present the skipper with information on what an aardvark actually is. Confusingly this also brought up the 20th century graphic novels of The Earthpig Born.

    Of course thinking about it some of the present N’tani, or their forebears could easily have visited pre-spacefilght Terra. So anyway the N’tani word is apparently something that sounds like “mi-ya-jeh”. And it was wondered that if they actually didn’t simply use a word that means “a nondescript unknown”. If so, “miyajeh” could turn up in a lot of N’tani conversations regarding Terrans.

    Less amusingly Lancer hit Viper with (a simulated) EMP and Phoenix announced heavy ordnance only after firing it. Ordnance coordination discipline needs tightening.

    The border war sim was interrupted by a division-wide scramble alert. The system sensor net was detecting a significant hostile force making a beeline for the denabite refinery. I was called up for CIC duty.

    Heavy Skaraan vessels entered the sector and made for the Danae gate. They were intercepted and ran back for their entry point without success.

    Crossing over into sector XVIII the division found a strong force of Skaraans investing the refinery. As they intercepted, a major force of Hegemony, with a preponderance of Torgoths, including the command ship, Neutronium-Hoof, broke out of a dense nebula and made for the gate sector. The division was able to eliminate the Skaraan threat and head off the Torgoth exodus. An understanding of what they were up to came to us through a log recovered from a Torgoth blackbox.

    Just as well as shortly after the N’tani and Zolmari arrived with the convoy. After a brief pause at CP-27X we were able to escort them uneventfully to what may become known as Miyajeh Prime if Hunter’s crew has anything to do with it.

    I was excused from CIC and returned to Hunter for the escort. Very straightforward despite some pirate interference and even a surprising attempted intervention bu USF vessels. It left me wondering if they were in system for some other reason. Until now the Expanse was a wilderness and might have served as an out-of-sight area to build up strength or conduct experiments.

    Commander Tuor, generous as ever gave me the conn for part of the time, though he did have to jump back in when I hit a moment of indecision at one point. Despite that he proceeded to embarrass the hell out of me by enthusiastically discussing my promotion prospects in front of the rest of the crew. I tried to deflect it but he would insist. I mean awesome if it comes off, but awkward if other senior officers don’t agree. And the rest of the bridge are in a pickle if they don’t agree or if it simply arouses jealousy.

    The Fleet Captain felt that two quiet escort missions were enough and then proceeded to run a tough sim where Promethean command was under assault and a civilian convoy had to be escorted out of the sector with heavy enemy intervention. That required a lot of smart comms work, sharp Delta-One’s and some efficient fleet destruction.

    Lights out.
    [End log]

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