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    Personal Log, Lieutenant-Senior Conrad Matsiyan, XO TSN Hunter, 4th L.D.
    Stardate: 25317-2237

    Okay, so the espresso has worn off, and I suppose the brandy in the bar isn’t helping. so no great thoughts just a smooth shift. The N’tani did indeed send scientists and dignitaries to assess the planet we hope will become their new temporary Homeworld.

    The briefing warned us that was upcoming and indeed everything was in a higher state of spit and polis. The sims focused on formation flying. Not a problem for Hunter. A new DO rotation started this shift and a number of ships posted their openings for permenent bridge crew; Cdr. Tuor, Hunter, Weapons and Engineering, Capt. Jemel, Lancer, Weapons, Capt. Verok, Viper, Comms and a temporary Weapons Officer to cover for Blaze.

    Despite the occasional pirate that Hunter and Lancer intercepted, the escort duty was so quiet as to be be boring for most of the division. I was never really short of things to watch for at the Science console, courses to plot, ambushes to consider. The world is fascinating simply to watch from orbit. I wonder what they will call it.

    Commander Tuor was kind enough to allow me the conn in post-mission sims. Practice I sorely need.

    [End log]

    Blaze Strife

    //Need to figure out what Blaze is so busy with that he’s not able to make it to the shifts for so long.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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