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    Personal Log, Lieutenant-Senior Conrad Matsiyan, TSN Lancer, 4th L.D.
    Stardate: 221016-2237

    The Universe is a strange place. TSN Hunter has rested quietly outside dry dock for months now since she was rebuilt. The division has been too busy to bring her back into service, working up doctrine on our experimental, and wonderful, interceptor, Lancer, and integrating the Apollo and Valkyrie class light cruisers, whose additional capabilities have proved invaluable in some of our recent almost-first-line actions.

    But now with an influx of new cadets and officers coming back from various absences, we have crew enough to fully commission a new ship.

    It was only last shift that I finished finally restoring Hunter’s mascot, the infamous disco-ball that I found in her wreckage near my espresso machine. I wondered how much longer it would sit unused, or if in fact it would become obsolete.

    So it was with considerable pride (mea culpa) and satisfaction, that I was able to request permission to go aboard and entrust a precious cargo to her new occupants. So Lt. Cdr. Zelreich, Lts. Jr. Garion and Marcus and cadets Candice and Dusk had a responsibility to do her proud on her first cruise, even if she does not yet have a permanent crew and will be serving as an ad-hoc auxiliary as needed. As far as I could tell, they didn’t scratch the paint.

    This shift there were three promotions, which always lifts the division’s spirits. Cadet Nhaima graduated her exams with a silver pin to take up her new role as acting Ensign. Donovan completed his first tours successfully and made it to full Ensign. Lastly and long anticipated, that huge cheerful brute, Blaze was promoted to full Lieutenant.

    We received an advisory that the plasma storm in sector XII could grow and to keep an eye out in future shifts.

    Captain Jemel was back on the bridge again and with Xiph away I took a turn in the Engineering room. Our XO Aposine was on Helm and Morlock at the Weapons console as usual and our newest regular, Mundy at SciCom. The shakedown sim went very smoothly though it was so insanely dense with hostiles that it took down the simulation suite..

    The mission was to re-explore sector XVIII searching for a reported gas giant. Horizon and Viper were tasked to investigate the planet while Lancer scouted and the others patrolled. Initial fleet manoeuvres were strange. We had difficulty keeping station at 42% warp. There was surprisingly heavy pirate presence and we were kept busy. There was one surprisingly huge ship in there that took us by surprise. Someone else had tango but when our nasty big guns were noticed two shots had our systems offline. I had my hand on the hatch of the escape pod where I had the espresso maker stashed, but the lights came back on, computers rebooted and we were back in the fray.

    The atmosphere in the galley after the mission was extremely lively and cheerful. It is great to see so many faces.

    The final sim to rescue a lost luxury liner was a lot of fun but quite stressful as we shifted to unaccustomed stations. I was sweating by the end.

    Lights out.
    [End log]

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    Blaze Strife

    //Captain: “Power to the Disco Ball!”
    Engineer: “Sir, we’re burning, energy is at 20%, we only have 1 DamCon team, Warp and Impulse are not working…”
    Captain: “I said power to the Disco Ball!”

    //”huge cheerful brute” Haha, I like that!

    //And what was that with the planet? I only came at the end of the mission.


    // Lancer did not get a glimpse of the planet. I think someone posted a screenshot but I cannot find it. I am sure we will see it at some point.

    Blaze Strife

    //Are you talking about this topic?

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