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    Personal Log: Ensign Conrad Matsiyan, TSN Hawk, 4th LD
    Stardate: 19915-2237

    Uh oh. Looks like ONI is already conducting strategy briefings. No point trying to work on Build 2291 if action is imminent. Right. Real espresso to brew while showering.

    Pause log.
    Personal log, continued.

    Amazing what good coffee does for the mind. I was so tired by the end of last shift I forgot all about my promotion. Hardly surprising given the announcement of senior officer promotions the previous shift with a new Lieutenant Commander and the promotion of Commander Evans to full Captain. Taking the training wheels off my humble Ensign’s rank doesn’t have quite the same ring, but it certainly squared my shoulders to hear all the good natured congratulations going around. When someone gets promoted it is an endorsement of effort and teamwork for all of us.

    It is strange to see that coveted shiny pin as I pull on and straighten my uniform. I am a real officer. I made it and be damned to all the Earth Company MBAs they could have walked me into.

    Heck. Compressed sim scheduled. Looks like a mission is coming up soon. Raven is heading out to do mischief on her own.
    I am very glad we had the chance to run a simulation together before going into combat with a new crew. With ships so busy and stations crowded with transit, lots of crews are in flux. Light Cruiser TSN Hawk was my assignment this time out. Captain Evans was under the weather, and I wasn’t familiar with any of the other crew. Plus I volunteered for a different station since it was a sim and several people were new to working with each other. It is going to take me a while to get the hang of Helm. I only scraped the paint egregiously once. I made some good turns but finding the right path quickly through enemy formations to close for Delta 2 or clean Echo runs needs much more practice.

    Every time simulated casualties flashed up, I remembered the haunted look on Kaplan’s face.

    With all that going on and maybe just a little nervousness about that new gold pip, I was hypercontrolling and missing some cues, I was concerned to keep us energy efficient and we took damage early on pulling enemy fleets out of position and so I was absorbed with DamCon. But I was grateful to Lt. Thantos for keeping an eye on the overall energy level even if I was crimson with embarrassment whenever he called out a key level I should have got to first. He passed it off as being of prime interest to a Weapons officer, but his specialty is Engineering so that’s why it is second nature. Apart from that the Captain commended me for a good job and I did feel that power was almost always exactly where it was needed.

    The mission was to strike into enemy held territory and take out their bases while leaving alone enemy-occupied TSN bases until we receive contingents of marines to retake them. Getting past the heavy defensive forces took some coordinated movement and tactical strikes by the fleet. It would have been easy to get swamped but we did it. We did it when it looked as if we couldn’t. And our new missile cruiser laid as pretty a pattern of mines as you could wish between us and the flock of fighters bearing down on us as we headed for sector transition.

    I heard a suggestion at one point, that recharging shields can take longer than repairing shield nodes after collisions with asteroids. If that was meant to be a joke or a compliment to the DamCon teams, I hope Crewman Kaplan doesn’t hear it. Last I saw of her, she was helping a medical team stabilize an injured colleague for transport.

    End personal log.

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