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    Personal Log, Lieutenant-Senior Conrad Matsiyan, TSN Lancer, 4th L.D.
    Stardate: 17916-2237

    Replicator, Matsiyan, Espresso, 2688. [pause] Good aroma. Hmm a bit caramel for me but pretty good. [sigh] I was hoping 400 would be the magic number. The quest continues. But I’m glad ECS Asia came through on her latest run out to Hjorden and topped up my stash of The Real Thing. I wonder if she could bring unroasted green beans if I could set up a roaster on the station?

    The division continues at Promethean Command awaiting orders. It is so pleasant to be back aboard the station and making that familiar walk to Briefing Room One in a fresh uniform and with my shiny new senior pip to boot. There was a fair amount of spirited chatter in the galley before heading down there and it took a moment for the junior officers to realize senior officers were arriving with business at hand. No one was singled out though.

    Training exercises were called as expected, specifically to continue familiarity with the new emphasis on formations. I was grateful for this as I was off bridge duty while that started up and reviewing the doctrine manuals just isn’t the same as being in the mix. The other focus was to allow new officers taking a CIC specialisation to come up to speed. I half expected some issues in the sims when that was announced, but in the event they seemed to work out well. Truth be told I would have volunteered for a turn in there if I hadn’t been away so much. Probably not fair to try to horm in after training has been already underway. I will look forward to the next draft though.

    Cdr. Van Leigh as the division’s chief admin, called for volunteers for the next tour of Duty Officers. Lt.Cdr. Zelreich confirmed good performance by a recent junior officer aboard Phoenix and announced promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant-Junior for Matthew Vaj. It was then his turn to be embarrassed as he and Aramond were awarded a PR ribbon for the excellent social media work they have been doing that has improved our influx of cadets.

    It had not been posted as of the start of the shift but it was great to hear that not only had my change in primary specialization been acknowledged and I had been offered the Science chair aboard Lancer but that Mundy had been accepted as Comms officer if she was willing to fill in elsewhere as needed. I suspect she would rather offer her services as Division Comms officer and take on some of the inventory and traffic management role that sometimes gets overlooked when all comms officers are also managing Science or occasionally falls into confusion when multiple Comms officers attend to it without specific orders. But as long as there is someone between her and Helm, I don’t think she’ll flinch.

    We ran a regular sim followed by a similar scenario live fire excercise. Captain Jemel was away dealing with the relocation admin and so LC Aposine was in the big chair. Well he was for the first sim and I took Helm. It is a delight to fly the swift, responsive Lancer. I really enjoyed a couple of engagements where I had to keep us in that tiny sweet spot where Lancer’s primary beams just outrange standard hostile beams. But Helm is not my primary and though I am improving and getting steadily smoother and quicker to react, or at least overshooting a lot less often, Aposine, one of the division’s star pilots (Yes, Computer, that was a wordplay. I see your interactions with Mundy have been paying off. You groan most delightfully.), anyway, Aposine has a hard time watching someone else drive, so when our new cadet, Simmons at Weapons, was called away you could see he was relieved to have Lancer’s stick back in his hand. Ensign Xiph moved from his primary Engineering over to Weapons, I picked up Engineering and Mundy covered SciComs together.

    We had a couple of truly excellent engagements with very large ships where the crew were completely in synch with each other, the state of our ship and the enemy. One we blew up the instant before we were about to take serious damage and have to flee, I mean strategically withdraw, and the other, the order to disengage was being given when Mundy forced a surrender. Both very satisfying.

    The rearrangement of positions turned out to be extremely fortuitous as a distress call came in from a N’Tani convoy in Cerberus system which had picked up intel that it was targeted for ambush (as an aside, I once heard one of our xeno-cadets delightfully refer to such a thing as a bacon-tree before his translation software was tweaked). The division scrambled out the the relevant gate and was in time to intercept three Hegemony fleets closing on them and some pirate interference.

    We then escorted them back to Promethean Command for safety. Their arrival prompted quite some high level discussions behind closed doors among senior staff. Still mine not to reason why until I get that next pip. So sufficient unto the day the troubles thereof.

    I guess this means that last replicator spec. was pretty close. We went into combat, I didn’t have time to make the real thing, but we still came out mostly in one piece. Is this the death of tradition?

    [End log]

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    // Link to full log

    Blaze Strife

    //Nicely written, with one slight issue: Lt.Cdr. Van Leigh is a full-fledged Commander.


    // Thanks for the catch. I will fix when I have a moment.

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