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    Adele Mundy

    Personal Log, Cadet Harriet Hamilton, ISN Oblivion, Second Space Flotilla, Fourth Hunter Group
    Stardate: 21418-2237

    Okay, so this is my first personal log since, umm, the jump. The mis-jump. The Poseidon Rift Disaster. The Forerunner Artefact thing. It just didn’t seem worth doing a log, when we didn’t know from day to day if we were all going to, I don’t know, disappear into a puff of alternate-uniform particles. Also, if I’d done a log I’d probably just have burst into tears, so, no. Not the fearless Navy recruit I was supposed to be. Whose brilliant idea was it to enlist anyway?

    I’m not very good at this. I’ve used one of the security encryption protocols Lt. Cmdr. Mundy gave us as options. She knows what she’s doing. At least, I hope she does. Wherever she is at the moment. She’s been pretty good at looking in on us in Third Shift, and helping out. Making suggestions that weren’t orders, sort of thing. It’s a bit worrying when she’s hovering there in the background (not hovering hovering, figuratively hovering), but I think she’s trying to be helpful. There’s a few of us who weren’t even supposed to be on Sabre, we were on Grant and the escort ships, I mean, who’d send cadets to the lead ship in the fleet on a crucial mission? But then the Artefacts did their thing, and then Stormhold was destroyed, Grant was destroyed, Selene was destroyed, Ariadne was destroyed… So, everyone who survived was reassigned. I ended up on Sabre, except that it’s Whisper of Oblivion. Not creepy at all.

    So here I am, in Third Shift. It’s supposed to be the shift where nothing happens. The big actions are all timed for First Shift, or if not, the shifts get, well, shifted. Rearranged. We keep a lookout, and go where we’re told, and the minute there’s a Kralien fleet on screen, we call in the big guns.

    Nobody tells you how badly you’re going to sleep when you join the TSN. End a shift, hand over to the Senior Bridge Crew, and go off and sleep peacefully in our bunks? Not until the engagement and its aftermath are over… And even when we’re just on route, I always have this sense that the sensors are going to pick up hostiles just as I fall asleep. But it makes you think, when a S.O. gives up sleep to catch the end of Third Shift and look in on how the cadets are doing. Now though, it feels like I might never be able to sleep again…

    We’d just come back from a mission. A weapons test by ISN ships, that turned out to be carrying Caltrons as the weapons. So, nightmare fuel, even after it was all over and I could go to sleep. And then, as the ships were making ready to set out from the base for a second mission, we were called to take our places on the bridge, even though it’s always First Shift who take the ships out. There were no Senior Officers on the bridge. Not one. Lt. Nhaima was in command of Oblivion and the fleet. We were sent on patrol in Cerberus System, looking for contraband. There’s been an awful lot of talk about contraband patrols lately.

    We’re back, obviously. We did the thing. I don’t really remember much about it. I think I sounded calm. I wasn’t, though. But I had to make sure everything was scanned and reported, the way Lt. Cmdr. Mundy would want it done.

    What really worries me is that blue ship that took off from the base, as we were setting out. I had Visuals on screen for the first few minutes, just to enjoy the sight, and there was ISN Vendetta decoupling from moorings and life support. I switched to the sensor screen, and she made her way out on impulse, then she was gone. It could have been a jump, though I didn’t see the energy signature; she could have cloaked. I didn’t know ISN ships had cloak. None of the manuals mention it. I told Lt. Beaumont, he said I have good eyes. The point is, though, the S.O.s were supposed to have reported to ISN Vendetta, and now we have no idea where they are.

    I don’t like the way things are going. I think we scrubbed too many sensor records and comms records. I think INI are asking questions. I hate to think how they might be asking.

    [end log]

    Adele Mundy

    //I need to make an avatar for Harriet…

    Adele Mundy

    //alternate universe particles… I can’t even blame autocorrect.

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