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    ONI Training, Constant simulations, mock invasions, blowing up the wrong ships… Hmm okay, how about starting one at a time.
    In the last few days I have managed to get some time to myself, which is rare, especially on station, managed to clean one or two items off the floor in my quarters, the other (insert very high number here) can wait until another time. Saying that, the items I picked up were ones that I needed, still it’s progress.
    Work, work, work it’s all I seem to do, needed time to myself. Although there were lots of things that needed to be done I managed to etch myself closed and closer to my works data pad, i’ll just reply to one or two messages, that will do, the rest can wait until later… oh my personal comms box is empty and all outstanding messages replied to… I need a break. Forcing myself to relax I wandered down to the bar, i’d left in Guy’s protection a case of 3 bottles of Foxdenton Fruit Sloe Gin, for this I gave a reasonable tip and the agreement he can help himself.
    Blaze was beating himself up over a mishap from last shift, rogue ordinance destroying something. Overuse of ordinance, probably, or just plain unlucky that the auto lock went for a surrender ship. We all gave our support which he appreciated, however Ensign Feil decided it would be a bright idea to lay into him, big time. I thought a fight was going to break out until Aramond placed himself in the middle of those two. Aramond dealt with Feil, no doubt something will kick off again at some point.
    My ‘relaxing’ few days finished with a comm call from my sister, who decided it would be the best time to tell me her Fiance had cheated on her… after 22 years you’d she would have learnt to take a hint and not to tell me this when busy. Ended up missing the ONI meeting, however Captain Evans was not around so it was apparently a extremely short meeting, Lt Hall caught me up on the details.
    So this weeks shift got started with guess what… more simulations and a repeated warning from Commander Jemel that we were under the watchful eye of command, oh did we not give them a show!
    Simulation Number One & Two were simple blat the enemy. It went very well, two points stick out to me. The first of which, despite me suggesting to let them know mines were on the way, the Raven ran an Echo 2 through a fleet of ships to which Lancer and Eagle were on and pretty close range… next message came up saying they had both been destroyed. Hmm well that went well…
    The second moment is a favorite past time of mine when in sims on the Ravan, is scaring the heck out of Aramond, I think it has taken him time to get used to my flying style. DS2 was surrounded by mines and asteroids… I took the hard route in, my response to Aramonds nervous noises was to say “Trust Me” and then to sing Christmas Songs…. I docked up fine and thought, I am getting damn to cocky with my helms console… I could not help but smile when Aramond muttered those favorite words… “Dammit Garion.”
    We eventually got round to going on actual duty, something that has been few and far between since returning from Hjordan. A standard patrol, with a marine boarding mission, a lot of miss communication from CIC about the marines plan, we nearly ended up leaving them behind, Lt Cmdr Gebbens was furious.
    People make mistakes, and unfortunately I made one on the mission, I nearly managed to run the Ravan into a wall of mines. Thankfully, through sticking the ship in full reverse to slow us down and turning us to face away was enough to avoid the mines, even so we continued on and completed the patrol.
    For the next part I moved away from the consoles and took up the Command and Control Deck. Normally I am fine with it but having some ‘extra’ engineers ‘fixing’ things made it annoyingly obvious we were being watched.
    The fleet conducted a live fire exercise I sent various Pirates and Hegamony forces for the division to dispatch and they did. Eventually we stated to simulate a full Hegamony invasion. It was quite a nice site watching the fleet from Command and Control, a proper team working together. At one point the Phoenix seemed a bit lonely so I had a small fleet warp into the system next to them… I managed to send Aramond – who was Science and Communication aboard the Phoenix – a quick message saying “Boo”… safe to say his reply did not get through the word filter.
    We ended the shift with another simulation, I had no assignment so went to see Commander Jemel aboard the Lancer, it’s nice to have the ship back, she has been missed. I have never flown the Lancer before, my normal posting being a Battle Cruiser I am not used to the wonderful speed and steering of the Interceptor. I took me a few skirmishes to get used to this crew, having not served with them before. Commander Jemel is excellent with the Lancer, it’s like it’s home to him. Having quickly learnt the fighting style I really enjoyed flying the ship, I was tempted to put in a assignment change request, but Lancer already has a brilliant helmsman and… I could not leave the Raven.
    The duty shift came to a close, a trip to the bar with a game of cards was well in order.
    Lt Jr Garion

    Blaze Strife

    //Glad to see more people writing personal logs; always fun to see another perspective. 🙂

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