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    —Personal Log—
    Flt. Cpt. Xavier Wise; 2nd Fleet, 4th LD
    Stardate 31217-2237

    It’s been a long haul to and from Fleet Command, but finally I am heading back out the the Division. It’ll be good to get back to the Sabre. The quarters on the shuttle have been cramped, but Lt. Turnez has been good company. The amount of intelligence and data to review about these artefacts has also kept me occupied for most of the trip. It seems even away from commanding the Division, there is still more than enough that requires my attention.

    The meeting I attended has been one of the most sensitive I have been involved in for some time. Security has only ever been this high during wartime situations. With it headed by ONI chiefs though, it was always going to be highly sensitive. All the fleet commanders had been gathered for the briefing, meeting at a secure location in the Atlantis System. During the flight in, I’d had access to some of the intel reports linked to it. From what I could ascertain, there had been several ships disappearing during routine transits through to local systems, most likely due to pirate activity. The truth of it has been far more concerning however.

    Over the past few months, several ships have been completely lost whilst transiting through USFP space – TSN Scout Ship Venturer, Luxury Liner Isabella, Transport vessel Lasalle, all lost. Initially, the losses seemed entirely random and as no traces of the ships were found, it was concluded by command that they must have been victims of some kind of capture by unknown forces. No trace of these forces have been found however, and the pirates operating within the area just don’t have the capacity to pull off so many operations in such a short space of time. Not even the remnants of the USF have that capacity according to the most recent intel. Command tasked ONI to investigate further into the disappearances, and after extensive analysis of sensor data, they found a link to the disappearances and the artefacts we’ve been investigating. During each disappearance, a fluctuation on the quantum level has been detected. Each time the ship has been preparing to transit to jump space, there’s been an almost undetectable spike. Contact has then been lost entirely, with no record of the ship entering jump space through the gateway systems. These same fluctuations had been detected in a much larger scale at other times… times when there’d been caltron incursions.

    As a result, Command are stepping up our efforts across the whole fleet to locate and secure the artefacts. It seems more imperative now that they are secure. With the shielding technology developed by ONI R&D, it is possible to contain the fluctuations and therefore stop the disappearances from occurring. This, they’ve already managed to demonstrate with the other artefacts that have been secured. Each one that is behind the shielding has been contained and seems entirely dormant. Those that have been without secure shielding have reacted during caltron incursions, as well as during the disappearances.

    Its high risk. The systems on the blue section frigate are vital to securing the artefact, should the Division be the first to locate it.

    –END LOG–

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