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    Personal Log: Cadet Corbin, Terran Stellar Navy Academy
    Stardate: 13417-2237

    I finally arrived in my dormitory quarters at the TSN Academy today. I have a great view outside of Fort Mason historical landmark, along the San Francisco bay. According to family genealogical records, I had an ancestor in the early 20th century embark from here to Asia, captaining a battleship during the Second World War. Three centuries later, I am going to eventually embark into the unexplored regions of the galaxy.

    Before I was allowed into my dormitory, I had to surrender my civilian clothing and was presented with my TSN-issued cadet uniform. Next, myself and the other raw cadets were shuttled to the medical bay, where we were given a complete physical and mental evaluation.

    Once in the dormitory, I was introduced to my bunk-mates, enterprising young men mostly from Terra. There are a couple of cadets from colonies outside the Sol System. We immediately begun to fraternize; cracking jokes and explaining why we enlisted. I felt embarrassed to say that my both my parents once served as Captains, and I have spent my entire life hearing about the Terran Stellar Navy.

    Our shooting the breeze was quickly interrupted by the appearance of our Dormitory Officer, who made us stand at attention before our bunks. For the next hour, we were instructed on how to fold away and store our few allowed personal belongings. As well, the Dormitory Officer showed us how our bunks are supposed to be folded promptly every morning before roll-call.

    I have been told this first week of Academy will mostly focus on In-Processing. Following will be Confidence-Building, Hands-On Learning, Live Fire, Career, Damage Control, Battle Stations and finally Graduation. This week we were told to expect multiple hours of conditioning, swimming, marching and drilling.

    Finally, we were taken downstairs to enroll in classes. I have an interest in Helm and Weapons, and honestly Captain, so I signed up for Astrogation, Flight Control, Stellar Cartography, Tactical Analysis and Warp Theory. My two electives will be Ancient Philosophies and Video Transmission Production.

    I have been told that I will be assigned to the 2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division. Already, I have received transmissions from current officers inviting me for shift observation.

    The day ended with dinner in the mess hall. There was general excitement buzzing about in the air, but our conversation eventually shifted into whispers of Kralien and Skaraan brutality. The Dormitory Officer noticed this and scolded us for “that kind of demoralizing talk.”

    Lights out is quickly approaching, so I should finish this personal log. I do not want to be chewed out by the Dormitory Officer my very first day.

    Cadet Corbin
    Terran Stellar Navy Academy
    2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division


    Cadet Corbin,

    Welcome to the TSN.

    Here are your orders:

    If you have not done so, already, please fill out your enlistment form at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ecD_SwzNP6_nDEOj-76ej692lQqPHzGVnwZNIWXBNyg/edit?usp=sharing

    Please report to the TSN Docking Bay at 19:30 UST hours on stardate 15417-2237 so we can assist you in your first duty shift. Officers and cadets are expected to be in uniform and in the Briefing Room by 20:00 UST. Exceptions will be made to accommodate new recruits while they receive their security clearances. Please check your locally observed Time Zone for translation. TeamSpeak3 Security Codes are as follows:

    When you report, please change your uniform (// Nickname) to show your name and primary station using the following format: Donovan | Sci

    If you are unable to enter the Docking Bay due to internal security measures, please remain at your initial arrival coordinates and your credentials will be reviewed before your rank and security clearance is granted.

    The Duty Officer (myself) or Assistant Duty Officer (Nhaima) will review also review your interface protocols to ensure a smooth entry into your new assignment. If you wish to review these protocols before stardate 15417-2237, you may send a private communique to myself and I will try to establish communications with you before then. TSN is currently using version 2.5.101 (// which is not the Steam version, if that’s where you acquired it) with internal protocol 1.6.3RCA which can be accessed at http://www.1sws.com/TSNExpansion/

    I highly recommend that before applying the TSN-specific protocols that you copy your base version to another location and then apply the protocols to the copy.

    As Duty Officer, it is my privilege to welcome you to the TSN and my goal is to make your career transition as seamless as possible.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Lt. Jr. Donovan, Duty Officer
    Terran Stellar Navy
    Second Space Fleet, 4th Light Division

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