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    [[Personal Log, Lt. Jr. Eric Aramond, TSN Raven, 2nd Fleet 4th LD
    Stardate 30116-2237]]

    Duty shift started off with a bang. Not the “fireworks and champaign corks” kind of bang, either. No, we got the “one of the senior officers is arrested for doing shady [EXPLETIVE DELETED]” kind of bang. Am I not allowed to curse in these logs? Well, that’s just [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. Hmm, let’s test the limits of this thing. [EXPLETIVE DELETED], [EXPLETIVE DELETED], [EXPLETIVE DELETED], damn, [EXPLETIVE DELETED], hell, [EXPLETIVE DELETED], [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. I only get the standard swears? That’s boring. Whatever, all restaurants are Taco Bell.

    The senior officer in question was Lt. Commander del Pino. His crime? Leaking information to the USF. He was clapped in irons by Lt. Jr. Finley’s security officers and hauled away. It should be said that the Lt. Commander was dignified the entire way out of the briefing room. If he was feeling any panic, I certainly didn’t see it. I have a feeling he’ll be back soon.

    Shuttles were then loaded, taking all us that didn’t look like suspicious [EXPLETIVE DELETED] to the ships. (oh, come on!) Xavier was recovering from a Cylonian Throat Flu, so he unfortunately had to repeat himself multiple times. As Gebbens was out on airlock duty, the Raven was in need of an XO. It was quickly determined that my turn had come around again. I need to start remembering who did what the previous shifts so that I can actually start volunteering. We had Wade and Ensign Tardov in their places on Weapons and Engineering, and I vacated SciComms for Helm for a rather unusual reason.

    Last to board the Raven was Cadet Klikiss. Please keep in mind that while I in no way hold this against him, he was green. I mean, really green. A new shade of green needs to be discovered just so I can accurately describe this. That’s hard, because I’m pretty sure the Gregorians have discovered them all! I’m not sure what the Academy is doing nowadays, but the cadet, under his own admission had never so much as stepped foot aboard a TSN vessel. To hell with looking for spies in the division. Let’s cast an eye on the Academy.

    The first sim went well. Beforehand, we got the cadet up to speed on his role. During, it was mostly Wade coaching him, with Tardov doing her best to keep him calm, recounting her own time as a cadet. Seeing as he was on my station, I chimed in when I could, but my attentions were focused on flying the ship. So, I wasn’t of much help.

    Adding to the list of things taking my attention, Xavier left the bridge to purge his flu during the sim. Meaning yours truly was once again in command of the Raven, and this time, the division. My first move as acting Fleet Captain was to treat that title like a hot potato and pass it to the highest ranking officer. In this case, it was Commander Expree, back on duty after having passed both medical and psychological exams with flying colors.

    I say I passed the title over, but really it was Wade on the ship-to-ship comms. It would seem that comms still haven’t been properly set up on all stations. Oh look, more work for me. I swear, the day I get the Raven set up to my liking is the day I get reassigned. Along with him being my voice to the other ships, Wade also stepped up as acting XO. Even after Xavier came back on deck, he chose to stay back and keep me in command. I guess he wanted to see how I would perform. He only had positive things to say at the end of the sim, and I wasn’t feeling bad myself.

    No sooner had we gotten done with the standard post-performance reviews than the alarm bell sounded. We had received a distress call from a TSN ship out in the Cerberus system. It was under attack from an unknown source. As we all prepped for battle, Ensign Assassino joined us on the bridge to take Comms and Stellar Cartography. It was most welcomed by the cadet, who was just settling into his role on Science. With a much lighter hand on the controls than I have in the last few shifts, I took us out, with the rest of the division falling into formation behind.

    As it turns out, I’m not the only one who believes the Cartography needs updating. It’s resolution could be much higher, and I’m usually struggling to plot a course in a timely manner. Assassino, who to my knowledge, had no experience with the maps, was having the same problems. There was even one time that we went off course, as he had gotten the gates mixed around. I’m probably going to make a key for the maps to make things easier. Computer, file this under “More Work for Aramond.”

    We didn’t make it in time. The ship was under attack by USF forces, and in the middle of battle, it took one hit too many. It might have been the sub-optimal course, or the fact that we encountered more USF on the way. The only thing that made it easier to take was the fact that we were able to take out more of those Unakalhi [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. At least that’s something.

    There’s an old saying that I picked up at the Academy. “There ain’t no rest for the wicked.” While I’m sure everyone would take offense to being called wicked, the saying certainly applies if you’re on a TSN ship. The news when we got back to Promethean command was that we are now at war with the USF. Good. I’ll take any chance I can get to go after those traitors. And what better way to do so than with more firepower?

    That’s right, the Hawk is finally fully repaired. We had to go all the way to Atlantis Command to get it, but it’s back in our arsenal. We also encountered more Unakalhi ships on our way over. Well, more Unakalhi wrecks.

    Shift ended with one more simulation. Cadet Power joined us, bringing the standard crew on the Raven to a full five. With this, Xavier stepped away from the chair again, content to leave command to us junior officers. The moment he did, Assassino jumped up in his place. There were many chuckles throughout his tenure as acting captain.

    [[End log]]


    About chuckles curiosity there is.


    @Gabriel Wade
    I know you have better memories than me. All I can remember about that last sim is that it was nondescriptly hilarious.

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