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    Stardate 23416-2237

    Dammit, Xavier.

    Why the hell didn’t he mention this to any of us? We could have helped! We could have at least changed the situation. Well, the situation would probably be just as bad, but it would be different to what we have now. Instead, I’ve gone AWOL along with the entire division and am now the last one sitting in a Hjorden bar writing this log on a notepad. A paper notepad! With a pen and everything. Good to know those handwriting lessons I was forced to take back on Mars aren’t going to waste. This will have to do until I can digitize it.

    Alright, I should give context before the rest of this turns into me ranting.

    The 2nd fleet 4th light division, my division, has gone AWOL. It turns out that the big sector-destroying weapon was more sinister than I thought. Creating singularities and summoning Caltrons? Yeah, it was supposed to do all that. I feel like an idiot. Not sure if the scientists expected the wave of destruction as well, but that’s what you get when you try to duplicate a weapon used by ancient Xenos.

    That’s right, an ancient Xenos weapon. I live on a spaceship and this still sounds like science-fiction. Thanks to Xavier, we know that all this work has been done in secret by some higher ups in the USFP. He’s been investigating all this for awhile now and has been able to dig up a ton of information. Only issue is, he acted on it poorly.

    All blowing up the R&D ship did was put his life in danger. Whoever’s behind all this have been set back, but not stopped. Even with all the information he gave Captain Evans, it does us no good if no one trusts us. There’s probably a smear campaign being run on us right now. Labeling us as traitors. Hell, Mom and Dad are probably watching it right now. They might even think I’m with the USF after everything that’s happened.

    At least I have good news. We’re still well equipped, despite losing ships last shift. We’ve even added a Dreadnought to our lineup. Turns out that awhile back, it was hidden away in a nebula in case of an emergency. Captain Evans knew exactly where to find it. I only wish it had been of more use during our primary mission.

    Not long after Xavier had been escorted off station, we received word that he was in danger. Being the loyal fools that we are, every officer in the division stepped up to go rescue him. After the Lancer crew got their hands on the Montgomery (the dreadnought) we rushed after his transport.

    We were able to catch up with it, but not before it vanished off sensors, replaced with two life pods. Pods that were then picked up by Skaaran ships. We then had to fight them and their TSN escorts. While I’m always happy to take out Skaaran mercs, every beam we sent against the escorts weighed on me. I wonder if this is how Cessna and del Pino felt when they ran their final gambit. What kind of bullshit are we dealing with when we have to attack our own people?

    After that scrape, we had to high-tail it to neutral ground. Gebbens and I wanted to check the sector for signs of Xavier, but Evans didn’t believe we had time for it. I don’t blame him. They might have locked down Hjordan gate ahead of us if we hadn’t moved as quickly as we did. The trip through Cerberus was off-putting. Plenty of hostile TSN forces that we somehow avoided, and more Skaarans that we weren’t always able to.

    Once we were through the gate, asylum was granted. The Hjordan are being hospitable but wary. They gave us a very specific bearing, and warned us not to deviate from it. Then when we got on station, they gave us quarters and access to parts of the station. I think I’m still going to sleep on the Raven. Some part of this needs to feel normal.

    Not sure how well I’m going to sleep, though. A bunch of us were talking in the bar (yeah, even Hjordan stations have a bar) and the general consensus was no one is sure of our next step. van Leigh wants to embrace his inner pirate get a hold of a Skaaran for interrogation, Udae and Zelreich are hitting up their contacts, Mundy is tapping into the Hjordan network, Captain Evans is talking about patching up the new rift in Cronus, Leonard is worrying about our every movement being watched…

    Okay, so I’m feeling a bit useless right now. Even Morlock is churning out ship-made booze. What am I doing? Dicking around with our ships trying in vain to enhance their systems. Not sure how much it will help, especially with the Hjordan making us disable our long-range sensors. Maybe I should start to bug the senior officers for something to do. Sitting around is going to drive me crazy, and heavy drinking is only going to hinder us during this fiasco.

    Probably time to stop wallowing. I’ve got a box of parts that aren’t going to install themselves. Maybe this will make me feel better.

    //Anyone know how to underline text? None of the HTML tags I know work for this.

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    Blaze Strife

    //Very well written, as always.

    //”Good to know those handwriting lessons I was forced to take back on Mars aren’t going to waste.” Does that mean Eris’s handwriting is slow and horrible to read? 😀

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