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    [[Personal Log, Lt. Jr. Eric Aramond, TSN Raven, 2nd Fleet 4th LD
    Stardate 16116-2238]]

    Where do I start with this one? While I can’t speak for the others, this was a hectic day. So, I think I’ll start at the beginning. It’s a very good place to start.

    The Raven underwent some routine sensor recalibrations this morning, and after getting enough false readings at my station, I can’t say that I trust the maintenance crew anymore. Besides, there’s been talk of spies sneaking around the TSN. With any luck, my breathing down people’s necks like this will stop any tampering with our flagship.

    Thanks to these self-assigned “duties”, I was actually able to meet the rest of the division in the galley with plenty of time to spare. It looks like command waited until the last minute to assign our new Duty Officer. Meaning the roles of DO and ADO went to Greybeard and Aposine. While I have no real issue with these assignments (after all, Aposine did a fine job as DO last time) I can’t help but feel snubbed. If only I had gotten there earlier. One of these days I’ll be promoted.

    We had a full crew on the Raven this time. Seems like its been a good long while since that’s happened. regulars included Gebbens taking the captain’s chair due to Xavier’s absence, Wade on Weapons, and me tucked down in Engineering. Joining us was Cadet Draeco on Helm, with Ensign Cessna and Cadet Power crammed onto my SciComms station. I knew Power back in the academy, and it’s always nice to see a new familiar face out in the black.

    There was a quick conversation on who would take over XO duties today. My name was the first to be said. This flattered me, but due to my distraction of getting engineering set to my liking, I had to decline; leaving Wade to step into the role. Not heard in the comms up to the bridge were my shouts at the damcom teams to get into position. I hope the assignment orders go through soon. The Raven needs a permanent engineer, and I know that Ensign Tardov put in for the ship. I’m sure the engineering teams are sick of my crap by now.

    The first sim had us getting used to working with each other, as well as my getting used to not being on the lead ship again. Commander Expree on the Phoenix stepped into the shoes as Fleet Captain, and did a fantastic job, in my opinion. I always feel bad when there are two people working together on SciComms on a ship that they aren’t assigned to. Due to not being having enough experience together to be in sync there’s always either stepping on each other’s toes, or one overpowering the other. Neither of those seemed to happen this time. That might have been because Power didn’t have much experience on Comms. He did an admirable job, in any case.

    It should be noted that when Xavier isn’t around to keep the division in check, things get strange. Aside from our consoles de-syncing during the sim, what comes to mind is the performance of the Hydra. The Raven wasn’t only the only ship with a temporary command change. With Commander Verok being unable to show, Lt. Commander del Pino took control control of the missile cruiser. I can’t say that I’m a fan of his combat style, though

    As usual in this case, my data pad was again configured as a captain’s map, and with it I saw the Hydra zooming all over the place. Despite this, I was hardly expecting the call for us to “Get out of the way” as the Hydra came in hot with its loaded torpedo tubes. Never have I maxed out the shields so quickly. It’s one thing to get surprised by a Skaraan. Those bastards are tricky. It’s another thing to get nuked by one of our own. A few of us bristled at this. I’m not sure if it’s just because we’re used to being in the lead ship, but having another ship feel like they need to swoop in and clean up us for this isn’t great.

    Anyway, the first mission of the day was ore mining. I kept my urge to pester Science with my questions wondering if any of the asteroids had any Cake Ore. One day, I will gaze upon cake ore with my own eyes, and be disappointed as it fails to live up to my hungry expectations. These missions should normally be simple and boring. They never are. I imagine that if the word “mining” ever comes up around this division, there are going to be a whole lot of suddenly tense people. Down in engineering, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention to everything that decided to attack us. I do know that del Pino and the Hydra swooped in again and stole our pirate kill. That and repeated calls for us to hurry up didn’t have me in the best mood. Admittedly, that, combined with my eventual impatience caused me to give our warp drive a boost. Something I never would have done without permission with Xavier around. I’m not saying all the strangeness is my fault, but I won’t deny being part of it.

    Also, there was a short period of time where Commander Expree was having issues with his communications, so del Pino took command in his absence…I should probably stop talking about this before my mouth gets me in trouble. In other news, there was apparently a last minute race between the Hydra and Phoenix to Promethean Command. They blew through the stations mine ring at what had to be warp 4. On the Raven, we were laughing our heads off. I don’t think command saw it the same way.

    While waiting for the next mission, Wade and I got to talking about bunk assignments. I was hesitant to put anything in stone, as there is an all too real chance that we’ll get stuck on separate ships soon, the point was quickly made moot. We were both pretty sure that Tardov was going to make it onto the Raven. I don’t think I can really compete with her in this case.

    We also ended up loosing Cadet Draeco to the Valiant. It was unanimous that he was an excellent helmsman, and the suggestion was put out that he should consider it for his primary when he gets promoted. Because of this, Ensign Cessna took over the station, leaving Power on SciComms. I also took over as XO in addition to my engineering duties. I’m still convinced that the role does not mix well with any sort of command role. However, I already declined once to be polite. To do so a second time would just be rude.

    This is the part where I couldn’t help but feel like command had us running around. We were sent to escort the PSE Schroedinger to locate…something. Even with my background, I have little idea what exactly we found.

    [[Begin Encryption. Password: *************
    Permissions: Read: ONI; 2nd FT, 4th LD. Write: None]]

    As much as I hate encrypting my logs, it appears to be necessary considering just what it is was found. For now, we’ve only been calling it the Artifact. Yes, that’s a capital A. It’s supposed to be some kind of weapon. So powerful that we can’t bring it back to Promethean Command for fear that the energy coming off it will jeopardize the station. Apparently, the Lancer had discovered it last week. Suddenly, all this running around is put in perspective.

    Being away from command, the decision was put to the captains to decide just what to do with it. A decision so important, it was necessary for Gebbens to step off the bridge for the private conversation. Leaving little old me in charge of the ship. It should come as no surprise that this is when trouble found us.

    In the middle of my triple-checking to make sure the Artifact wouldn’t play havoc with our systems, a small band of pirates entered the sector. My first action as acting captain was to swear loudly. Again, this was not included on the comms to the bridge.

    My second action was to attempt to coordinate with another ship that was heading towards the same pirate that Wade had pointed out. It seems that in my preparations, I had failed to configure my ship-to-ship comms down in engineering, so my need to know everything made us look less than golden. Deciding not to wait for me, the rest of the division sprung into action; the Lancer moving to defend the Schroedinger while the others made short work of the pirates

    The Arrow-class we were battling was either highly unusual, or was effecting our sensors. It took far too long for us to take down. I’m going to do more field work on those systems while we’re out here. This is precisely what I didn’t want to happen.

    When Gebbens got back, we were informed of the decision to keep the Artifact, rather than destroy it. There’s really no safe place to keep it currently, so we’ve done the next best thing.
    We transported it over to a dense nebula in the middle of the Cerberus system, where we’re now sitting on it. I can’t say that I’m thrilled babysitting a potential superweapon, but it’s better than letting it fall into the wrong hands.

    [[End encryption]]

    So, here we are. Nothing to do for the next week but run sims and entertain ourselves. This is why I keep a deck of cards in my bunk. Wade, Aposine, Matsiyan; prepare yourselves. I’m coming for your money.

    [[End log]]

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