ISN Cosmic Anomaly Record Device PCN-643, deployed 28418-2237

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    Jafar Ironclad

    Record Stardate: 28418-2237

    Krisenda Region, Titan Gate Sector –

    Terrain – Stellar Nebulae at 20% Sector Area, peaking at 20% density.

    Quantum Laceration Detection – Four decaying strands.

    No other anomalies in sector. Telemetry and historical data attached.

    -End Report-






    *Decryption Protocol Zolmari Eta Two Accepted, Data Package for distribution, recommend peak classification and Military distribution channels only.*

    Forewarning follows:

    “To organized military elements fighting for sapient liberty:

    4th Hunter Group sympathizes to greatest extent possible, present circumstances severely complicate separation from ISN. Critical points:

    -ISN intelligence (Azure Legion) suspects 4HG subversion at senior officer level and have detained all command staff at unknown, likely secure location. If 4HG treasonous intent confirmed, senior officers likely summarily executed as result. Continued permission to conduct 2nd Space Flotilla operation with remaining officers suggests 4HG monitored but not yet compromised. Appearances of loyalty and compliance necessary to buy time either for staff to be cleared of wrongdoing and returned to service, or for holding area to be identified and rescue conducted. Any support or operations rendered to this effect by non-4HG elements greatly appreciated and will engender further, open rapport. Recommend monitoring for TSN comm protocols outside TSN areas of operation for potential distress signals from captives. Request transmit existing intel on Azure Legion bases or prisions if available via data package drop on next encounter with 4HG.

    -ISN in advanced stages of vast experimental weapon program. Involves luring, seizure, reverse-engineering, subversion, and military deployment of Caltrons. Already in field testing against isolated Hegemony forces to shocking and devastating effect (see attached flight recordings). Capability currently limited to Dreadnought-size and larger vessels with specialized communication gear. Discovery and sabotage of program a high priority due to strategic implications as well as present opportunity; restoration of ISN trust in 4HG may present vital chance to expose or end weapons program. Cost in sapient life and liberty beyond reckoning should caltron project proceed to conclusion.

    Conclusion: sympathy and compliance to this point greatly appreciated. 4HG will continue to minimize collateral damage and civilian casualty but must defend selves and maintain appearance of loyalty in combat. Continued covert operation likely not sustainable; opportunity to openly defect likely soon, permitting at minimum cessation of hostilities.

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