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    As requested by Lt Cmdr Aramond, I am to make a report to command regarding the Ximni attack.

    While investigating an abandoned vessel, we had a warp drive failure, and most of our ordinance was taken. Post mission we found that the enemy has developed smaller jump devices capable of transporting smaller objects (people, warheads) ship to ship. almost all ordinance was taken (nukes, torpedoes, mines, and EMPs) but strangely the pshocks were left untouched – and they were unable to acquire any weaponry that was already loaded and ready to fire. My theory is that stealing the warheads was not a plot to disable our attack capabilities (or else they would have taken all of our weapons, and disabled our beams). they wanted those weapons for something, and did not need a pshock.

    Seeing that we were under some sort of unknown attack, i ordered security teams to protect all essential systems, and all non-essential personnel to quarters under guard. anyone in training, with less experience, and anyone that was not currently occupied with a task. I didn’t know if this was an external or internal threat, so I took precautions for both.

    I would suggest that fleet intelligent keep an eye out for any strange attacks – they could have taken the weapons to frame the TSN for an attack.

    – Lt. Morlock

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