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    Adele Mundy

    Mundy, 25518-2237

    … 6948556… 209921922… 2184272550… 254256… 8876717904… 94601653… 466804988… 627232791… 786085784… 3838… 2796797668… 14541… 0095388… 37863… 609506… 8006422.. 512… 520… 511… 7392…

    Lt.Cmdr. Mundy, wearing a white shapeless gown and trailing clear tubes, walks barefoot along the colonnaded hallway with the mosaic floor. The tiles blur and fade, become the textured metal of a ship’s decking.

    No… 9848… 96084… 128488…

    A man is standing on that decking, at the far end of a long corridor, in a uniform that is not the ISN black and red, bearing insignia that are not quite familiar.

    You’re not real…6269… 4560… 4241… 965285… 0222… 1066… she says.

    I am quite real, he replies, but I’m asleep. He sounds surprised at this realization. You’re the one who isn’t real. Who are you? You’re in my dream.

    This is a hallucination, she sets her face in a stubborn frown, not a dream, and looks down at the floor, willing it to be mosaic tiles. But it’s my hallucination, dammit. It’s the Void-damned drugs. 1186… 306744… 278622…

    He walks closer. What drugs? he asks.

    She looks up at him. Damned if I know. I’m a librarian, not a doctor, dammit… 03919494…

    Hamilton said… he mutters to himself. Then, suddenly standing much closer without having moved, he calls, Adelaide?

    Go away, I have numbers to remember. 50471… 237137… And anyway, you’re not real. But she’s still looking at him.

    Adelaide? he asks again. He walks closer still, stretches a hand towards her. Where are you? What… what have they done to you?

    This time, when she tries to speak, no sound comes out of her mouth. She lifts a hand as if against suddenly increased gravity, and with her index finger traces a small circle in the air. It glows bright silver, and in an instant, expands to encompass a bright sun. A vast wolf leaps through the ring, and devours the sun, leaving all in darkness.

    His voice reaches her, fainter, distant. Adelaide? Heidi?

    See, that proves you’re not real, she says. That’s not me. I’m not her. You’re not him. 8696095… 6364…

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    // The clues are 1) he is wearing a uniform but not ISN and yet not quite familiar. Familiar would be home universe TSN. So is he mirror-TSN? 2) He says “Hamilton said…”. Who has Harriet Hamilton talked to? (She is the cadet who went AWOL from 4HG because she wasn’t going to commit any more imperial atrocities. There are logs where she talks to a TSN officer. Parra was present.) 3) He calls her “Adelaide” which is the name of Adele’s counterpart in the mirrorverse. He also calls her by the nickname “Heidi”. Emma had to explain to me that is the short form of “Adelheide” which is the original German form of “Adelaide”. The sort of thing a brother might call his sister. So I think Adele, in Adelaide’s body, under drugged interrogation by Imperial Psi agents in Fortress Fenring is having a telepathic link with her sleeping brother Harold who is a Lt.Cdr in the mirror-TSN. That psilink has never been confirmed before but they did grow up together in a colony affected by Ancient tech (the same as the artifacts that have psi connections).

    Adele Mundy

    And for people who aren’t quite caught up on their Norse mythology (Shame on you! Thor would be so disappointed!), Mundy draws a ring, and Fenrir is the wolf (Loki’s offspring, btw) who devours the sun. Fenrir. Ring.

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