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    From: Lt Jr Udae Natiq
    To: Fleet Captain Xavier
    CC: Officers 4th Light Division
    Subject: Reporting for duty

    This is Lieutenant-Junior Udae reporting for duty to the 4th light . I have been transferred from the 2nd light division. My primary specialty is engineering, and my secondary specialty is science. I look forward to serving.

    Lt Jr Udae out.


    Greetings Lt. Jr.

    If they have not been already, please seek out either myself or Lt. Jr. Quinn to get your security codes updated so you may have full access to the station. If you will be arriving later than next shift, seek out the current DO or ADO.

    Looking forward to flying with you.

    –Lt. Eric Aramond
    TSN Raven (CB-014)
    2nd Fleet, 4th LD


    Sadly, the transfer is delayed by some unfortunate logistical issues. Hopefully I shall arrive by the following duty shift.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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