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    Fish Evans

    ===========================INTEL REPORT=======================
    Security Level 3, Bridge Personnel Only, 2nd Fleet 4th Division
    X: Cmd Evans
    R: All Officers

    All personnel are hereby advised that unknown life forms have been detected exiting the Posideon Rift, reports are sketchy at this time, a total of 5 previously unknown space born life forms have been detected, we have tentatively placed the following designations based on there behaviour or appearance. The creatures have been Identified by the Hamital Scientific Task force in the T-213 System, an off gird system that has a special scientific preservation order on and is on the peripery of the rift. The creatuers have since been sited in other systems and are spreading slowly outwards via natural jump points. It is theorised that this has some thing to do with the on going Fitzgerald event in the Posiden rift that is expected to reach its maximal effect in about 6 months.

    Shark, Appears predatory in nature seems to have a preference for space whales, has decimated the whale pods in the T-213 System

    Dragon, Has apparently attempted to carry off artificial items, no further information is available

    Piranha, Works in a swarm fast and hostile.

    Tube, Information limited at this time.

    Bug, Information Limited at this time.

    All officers are advised to ensure that there inoculations are up to date and are reminded that the TSN Policy on space lifeforms is to leave alone unless they constitute a risk to shipping or inhabited planets and structures. This policy is set to be reviewed in the light of this startling news.

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