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    Leonard Hall

    Security Level 3, Bridge Personnel ONLY, 2nd Fleet 4th Light Division
    Under Auspices of General Order 31 — DO NOT DISTRIBUTE*

    X: LTJG Hall, Office of Naval Intelligence
    R: 4LTDIV Fleet Command and All Bridge Officers

    This is a report on my observations regarding the unknown “guided missile” alien craft from the mission here at Phoenix Base last shift. Due to General Order 31 enactment all hard logs on our ships during combat were scrapped by our computers real-time, and the intel I am presenting is based only on my own visual observations and the sensor readings provided by Dr. Montague and his staff at the Phoenix Base stations, and therefore a good portion of this report will be speculation. I will first provide an overall view of this new threat and then delve into specifics in regards to certain configurations of these craft that we have seen.

    Overall observations.
    Craft of this unknown hostile force seem to resemble the shape of a large guided missile or drone torpedo, hence the title of this report. These “missiles” seem to have the capacity to link together to one another in some fashion and therefore create larger and more powerful “blocks” which can deliver an absolutely frightening level of firepower against a TSN craft. The energy beamer technology used by these craft must be considerably advanced compared to our own phasers to permit such effective interlinking fire with so many emitters.
    As our first sighting with these entities was around Phoenix Base’s rogue singularity, and with these ships having jumped through said singularity to reach us, the possibilities of what their principal FTL system, likely a refined and miniaturized jump system in theory, actually is.
    These entities also seem to be capable of encapsulating entire cruiser-sized objects within some form of powerful force screen, as happened to the TSN Kinetic — we do not yet seem to have any knowledge as present regarding this force screen technology except that like the rest of the construction we have been able to delve out of these observations that it is highly advanced compared to any other known shield technology.
    Communication seems to be hard either in terms of our capacity to do so or simply we are being largely ignored and targeted for destruction — during the engagement only one of these missiles was known to transmit any sort of surrender message whilst we were defending ourselves and the surrender lasted for but a few seconds before the ship turned on our fleet once again.

    But enough speculating — let’s work with what we know, and how we can engage and defeat them.

    Single “missiles”
    Individually these craft seem to have strong combat capability and maneuverability. Each individual one-kiloton mass “missile” is armed with one visible beam emitter with an impressive one hundred eighty degree firing arc as reported by intel. These beamers seem to have a fast refiring rate and a considerable range of about twice that of our own phasers. Alone their shields are capable of matching any shield grids we have aboard our fleet ships.
    “3-pack” missiles
    Through some presently unknown process, these missile ships are capable of linking together to enhance their capabilities in a way that is seemingly more complex, intimate, and tight than any docking procedure.
    When three of these are merged, their shield generators seem to interface with one another, amplifying the capability of the entire whole “ship” to resist damage and being able to take large amounts of punishment despite their small size and mass — the miniaturization and synergy in components must be astounding. If facing one of these beam emitters was enough of an issue for us, facing three is surely going to cost us a ship or two.
    “6-pack” missiles
    We have seen that not just a few of these ships are capable of merging but also that blocks of at least six are capable of doing so. This of course seems to follow some reasonable course of development with size — more ships attached, more defensive strength, more number of beamers ready to end you quickly if you get caught. Despite all the additional mass the construct is still considerably light by ship weight standards and the seemingly highly efficient maneuver systems allows HET-esque maneuvers to be performed with minimal effort. Who knows what else a large number of these things welded together can do.

    While we are still stationed here protecting Phoenix Base we will have to be ready for any incursions and we must get some extrapolation of the data we didn’t have to wipe by directive into local NET for the purposes of preparing against any further attacks. We’ve discovered quite the foe — now we must work to dissect him, figure him out, before he becomes a major threat to us or any other USFP asset for that matter.
    * distribution of this report beyond local CMDNET, as of this time, will see you in violation of a TSN General Order. Don’t do it.

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