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    Leonard Hall


    STARDATE 19817-2237


    Two ships from the division were ordered to ferry a USFP ambassador to the Hjorden sector to try to ease relations between them due to the TSN’s actions on stardate 12817. TSN Lancer and TSN Horizon escorted the ambassador while TSN Sabre and TSN Viper remained on station defense and performed sim training exercises.

    The diplomatic operation started as a routine rendezvous with the envoy as the Horizon battlegroup deployed. Making a quick and uneventful transition through USFP space the battlegroup arrived in Hjorden along with the package. Following some customs sweeps the division moved to cover the package to station D-46 for proceedings. The battlegroup based up at F-01 during proceedings, picking up some USF saboteurs operating under cover. These saboteurs conducted boarding assaults on the Horizon and Lancer, and also caused a disturbance on D-46, which was thankfully quelled. The USF attempted to disrupt the negotiations in force with a false-flag raid in the form of captured TSN hulls broadcasting an invalid 1BATDIV IFF. When this failed they resorted to conventional assault, also being repelled.

    TSN Sabre and TSN Viper were in the middle of a sim when red alert was sounded. A Kralien crew had disguised themselves as a freighter and boarded Promethean Command. They quickly found their oracle and returned to their ship. Only when they rendezvoused with Kralien and Skaraan forces did the station recognize them as hostile and ordered pursuit. The ship containing the oracle was quickly identified and tracked. TSN Sabre attempted to get the ship to surrender, but was unsuccessful. They attempted to board the ship as well, which also failed. Viper destroyed the ship, but apparently a zealous Kralien decided to throw the oracle into a lifepod and risk recapture as opposed to letting her die. TSN Viper picked up the lifepod and returned everyone inside to Promethean Command. The division moved into sector III to mop up any remaining Kraliens, and also took out a few pirates who were hiding in the area. A black box survived the destruction of one Kralien ship, and its contents are being analyzed by ONI.

    Following ONI intel, the Division as a whole conducted a deep strike operation into the Arrin system, where a USF shipyard had been discovered. The initial search location of sector II yielded no base, but a USF unit was destroyed and some of their vessels boarded for valuable intel. The Division proceeded to Sector IV, and encountered a much heavier enemy presence, as well as a planetoid which had been hollowed out and fitted with significant defensive batteries. Fortunately our fusion warheads were sufficient to smash the planetoid and its defense grids in short order. The Division continued to thin out hostile forces until resources were depleted, and made a retreat to Hjorden.

    The division was returning from the recent mission to destroy the USF base when the Hjorden stations in sector IV requested assistance. A light strike force had entered the area, and there were no local ships available for defense. The 4LD responded and soon dispatched all enemy ships in the sector. Upon confirmation that no more enemies were in nearby sectors, either, the division returned on autopilot to Promethean Command.



    Diplomatic relations with the Hjorden continue to receive strain from our operations passing near, in, and through their space. Our assistance and cooperation will be expected if we are to maintain good ties (and avoid a Hjocoa embargo).

    USF Operatives have been confirmed to be sabotaging various operations and as a result the Naval Security Department adjunct has been reactivated for the 4LTDIV. Personnel wishing to aid the hunt for agitators are advised to apply at the following commsnet address. The 1BATDIV is also cracking down on possible agitators in their ranks due to the false IFF used in their name.

    Enhanced interrogation of the recovered oracular Seer and her lifepod companions by the additional ONI experts currently at Promethean Command, reconfirms that the Kralien order are attempting to focus the ongoing oracular sensory visions on the treasure artifacts of the Kralien “gods”. Kralien forces are staged and waiting final navigation plots.

    Further information is available but withheld to officers of CL1 clearance at this time.

    USF activity has been hampered somewhat by the destruction of their planetoid fortress in Arrin IV, but logs from captured units indicate a strike unit was deployed before we had taken the base. We expect an attack in the Border Region imminently.

    High-level operational planning is underway within ONI. These operations may include a very unorthodox modus operandi. Further information is withheld at this time to personnel of CL 1. CL 2 personnel shall receive advance notice of mission directives once fully planned out, and CL 3 personnel will be informed through the usual mission briefings as needed. CL 2 and lower personnel assigned to these unorthodox operations may be required to swear further oaths of confidentiality than normal.


    While the NSD is handling the USF threat within, the Division as a whole must remain on alert for the threat without. Officers are advised to utilize hard-hitting, tight fleet busting tactics in order to effectively disarm the very potent USF war vessels. Especially in the event that vessels of battleship or dreadnought class are encountered, the Division must engage USF forces together. Assault alone against a USF squadron is largely a fatal maneuver.

    Officers are also advised to keep up to date against Hegemony battle tactics as well. While not as hard hitting an opponent as the USF, our more usual enemy has a lot more vessels to throw at us, and should be handled accordingly. Disable Skaraan mercs as a priority, then proceed to eliminate Kralien wolfpacks.


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