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    STARDATE 24819-2238


    4LD were tasked with eliminating a second Slingshot target enhancer in the Arrin system. On translation through the Gate, they encountered no hostile presence. The area had been seeded with cloaked mines which caused significant damage. Deploying one sensor buoy nullified the cloak to about 40k range. After repairs 4LD proceeded through Arrin 11, evading fleets there, into Arrin 12 and located a base surrounded by 3 weapons platforms. Hostile interceptor fleets were bypassed and the base destroyed by a deep strike from TSN Horizon. 4LD also defeated Skaaran reinforcements from Scorpio group. Weapons platforms were destroyed and moderate damage to the fleets inflicted. Escaped to Arrin 7, where some further patrols were encountered. Mine detail cleared the mines in the Arrin 6 meanwhile so that 4LD was able to return safely to Hjorden territory, in time to receive a distress call.

    The division were quickly retasked to Quill Station in Hjorden-VIII, which was reporting that it had come under attack by Torgoth Command fleets On arrival, it became clear that the Torgoth had unleashed a major radiation hazard next to the station. The division was hard pressed to clear away the Torgoths and their accompanying large complement of heavy Skaraans and deploy a temporary containment field before their own or the station’s radiation shielding were overwhelmed. Hjorden casualties were however very light, thanks to the heavier shielding on the station.
    Just as the sector had been secured, the attack was discovered to be a diversion from the capture of Hjorden Alpha station, the control center for the Hjorden-Cerberus gate in Hjorden-VI. The division chased and destroyed many of the fleeing Florin-Kati clan of Kraliens as they left the station, however the station commander informed 4LD that the station had been booby-trapped, the gate controls sabotaged and that some Hjorden crew were still aboard despite the majority having evacuated in powered-down transports and stealthed lifepods. 4LD therefore stood off and returned to high-alert on-call status while ONI assessed the available intel and planned the next move.

    ONI directed a stealthed shuttle to put aboard a picked party of appropriately skilled naval officer volunteers with munitions and S&R experience to defuse the scuttling charges and retrieve the remaining Hjorden crew. Stiff resistance from crack Torgoth marine squads was encountered. The boarding party inflicted as many casualties as possible, before regrouping and re-entering the station. The station was densely occupied with Florin-Kati workers and marines under the instruction of officer-priests commanded by Prelate Tomgarh. Weathering the beam fire of the armoured marines and the frenzied hand-to-hand assaults of the suicidal workers and officers, the away boarding party located and neutralized four crude scuttling charges at key locations.

    They discovered that more sophisticated microsplosives were in the process of being deployed, but the Kraliens pinpointed the party’s location and concentrated their forces to drive them back even as the captive Hjorden were spotted. The team availed themselves of the highly developed field medic capabilities of Lt. Wilcon and Lt-Jr. Avirson and unanimously agreed to try a different entry to exfiltrate the Hjorden. Kudos to Ens. Eaglestallon and Marine Cpl. Hawks for their courage and perseverance. The first one located was a Hjorden station worker by the name of Hjocoa Joe, who reported that the crew had sabotaged the control net for the microsplosives, rendering them inoperable without many hours of repair. The team used tightly focused squad engagement strategies to clear a path through the occupying troops, locate and liberate the Hjorden technical crew maintaining the damaged station systems and retreat in good order to the shuttle.


    It is the opinion of the Hjorden crew of Alpha station that no further damage will be caused by retaking the station by direct Marine assault in force. If so, it must be done quickly before the station structural integrity degrades beyond recoverability. Apart from the habitat and political significance of the station, accessing the station’s overridden datacores may be the only way to assess and reverse the damage perpetrated upon the Jump Gate.


    4LD may be asked to assist in the fostering of further peace talks between the Kraliens and USFP. Pirates may show up requiring 4LD intervention again.
    We are not yet certain how long the gate to Cerberus will be out of action. There may be a requirement for increased patrols on both sides of the gate to ensure that these sectors, suddenly starved of trade and traffic, do not become problem areas and breeding grounds for pirates.


    Given our lack of significant intelligence within Hegemony space, it is unknown how much support and infrastructure the Florin-kati have available outside of ONI sensor nets. Vigilant readiness strongest recommendation.

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