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    Commander Evans,

    I require as complete an update as possible of our current situation. I am compiling a report for Fleet HQ and will require a breakdown of everything we know so far.

    Flt Cpt Xavier

    Fish Evans

    ============================INTEL REPORT=======================
    Security Level 3, Bridge Personnel Only, 2nd Fleet 4th Division
    X: Cmd Evans
    R: Flt. Cpt. X Wise

    Executive Summery
    The Current situation in the Euphine Expanse is grave. Our own supply situation is reasonable however the high operational tempo can not be maintained much longer. the pirate forces in the Euphine seem to be getting stronger as each week passes despite the significant damage we are inflicting. I have broken down this report into various factions that we have been encountering

    In sector 6 where our kidnaped personnel ended up appears to be a Pirate stronghold roughly two to three times the strength of the forces we encountered in Sector 3, it is either there center of operations or a significant secondary outpost. The Pirates seem to have knowledge of the phenomenon in Sector 0 and Sector A (the sector the Thunderchild was located in). We believe that these phenomena are allowing the Pirates to travel quickly between various locations in the expanse.

    Bio Mechs:
    Sector 3 appears to be an area that has particular draw to the Bio Mechs, the Bio Mechs seem to regularly travel between 3 and sector 0 passing the Dane Gate, though they only seem to become hostile during a gate activation. there is an above average number of stage 1 (baby) biomechs in Sector 3. The Science division is speculating that it perhaps a birthing ground for Biomechs however further investigation is required.

    There is significant radio chatter emanating from sector 13 that indicate the presence of Torgoths. Radio intercepts indicate that the Rouge Torgoth General “Mad” Martok has retreated to this area when he lost favour in the latter stages of the Long Bar Conflict.

    The war with the Kraliens continues without any significant developments TSN Command have introduced a policy of maintaining our pre war borders rather than offensive strikes at this time in the hopes that the Krelians will take the hint. this is predominantly a political decision b y the USFP Council as several races, notably the Gizan of the Al’mare System are protesting against a war of aggression. The Krelians seem to be getting a steady supply of Arvonian carriers to their fleet we believe that these are ships being built and manned by the Krelians as opposed to the Arvoinians, it appears the ship designs were given to the Krelians as part of the Hegemony Alliance this might explain the odd behaviour of some of the fighters we have been seeing.

    We still know very little about them however it appears that the Pirates are allies of the N’tari, we should be wary of any N’tari ships seen.

    By Sector:
    Sector 1:
    Light Pirate Presence, Light Krelian Presence

    Sector 2:
    No known threats though we still do not understand how the command station we have found got here.

    Sector 3
    Biomech attacks on shiping light to Moderate Pirate threats

    Sector 4:
    Radiation and Light Pirate Presence

    Sector 5:
    Light Pirate Presence, some N’tari ships seen

    Sector 6:
    Heavy Pirate Presence and N’tari ships

    Sector 9:
    Moderate Krelian Presence, Space monster activity speculated end point for a one way jump point.

    Sector 13:
    Torgoth Radio Chatter, No further information.

    Sector A:

    Unusual Anomaly emitting high levels of radiation. Pirate ships have been seen entering and exiting from the vicinity of the Anomaly. Possible Jump Point?

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