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    Charles Beaumont

    From: Lieutenant Charles Beaumont, Helm TSN Viper
    To: Fleet Captain Xavier Wise, CO 2FLT4LD

    At the beginning of the shift on 23917, due to a general personnel shortage, Captain Verok, as acting division Commander, put me in command of the TSN Viper, having pulled Lieutenant Commander Matsiyan away in preparation for CIC duties.

    The assistant duty officer, Lieutenant Nhaima, assigned me an experienced bridge crew to better help support me, and the division ran a couple of extra training simulations before deploying to help get the crews up to speed. The crew performed their duties admirably throughout the shift, helping compensate for my lack of command experience.

    During the mission to Cerberus sector 7, I had to send our weapons officer to sickbay. I took over his station in an attempt to cause as little disruption as possible to the bridge operations mid-mission, keeping everyone else at their assigned posts. The Viper engaged a pirate group to keep them clear of vulnerable assets and came under a deadly crossfire from multiple ships equipped with not only gatling beams but also a surprising number of tractor beams. I sounded a general mayday signal, then, when it was clear we couldn’t be reached in time, called a ship evacuation.

    I accept full responsibility for the loss of life and equipment as the ship’s commanding officer at that time.

    Lieutenant Charles Beaumont
    TSN Viper Helm Officer

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